Value Investing Congress Notes, Day One

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 8, 2014

The Value Investing Congress is a two-day conference featuring fairly lengthy, insightful presentations into interesting value investment ideas or bigger picture strategies from some of the most successful hedge fund managers and other value investing “thinkers”. I try to attend every year, and I’m extra delighted that the press and the large corps of bloggers aren’t here to tweet out every idea and try to drive it up 5-10% as has happened in some past conferences… hopefully we’ll not only learn about some interesting ideas, but I’ll get enough time to actually think about these ideas before they go up and lose some of their attractiveness.

I’ll post my notes as I take them on the home page, and will also link the first day’s conference notes here as I get them published. This all happens quickly and I’m not reading through or checking my notes, so they might have errors or misquotes in them — and these are just for the Irregulars, and we’ve been asked not to broadcast the ideas and analysis, so let’s keep it in the family if we can.

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Here are my notes and initial reaction to the first day’s presentations:

Michael Kao, Akanthos — “ZONES” of optionality

Alexander Roepers, Atlantic Capital — Global Ideas (esp auto and aerospace parts, pumps)

David Hurwitz — Activist Investing in Korea (not much here for small individual investors, except general Korean stock/index interest)

Leon Cooperman, Omega Advisors — Stocks still the best house in the financial assets neighborhood (general view of market, plus a dozen or so attractive ideas)

Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital — Brazil Retail and International Values

Marcelo Lima — French and Brazilian Retail, owner operator to Rally Around

Carson Block, Muddy Waters — Don’t take the “blue pill” (red flags and shorts)

Amitabh Singhi, Surefin lnvestments — Opportunity India: Myth or Magic? (not much that you could trade in the US, but interesting big picture and opportunity evangelizing

Guy Gottfried, Undervalued gems from Canada.

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