Gold, Silver and Bitcoins

by Anonymous Questions | October 23, 2014 10:24 pm

What is your opinion about investing in physical gold, physical silver, bitcoins?

Another question: what do you think about OUNZ (Merk Gold Trust) and PHYS (Sprott Physical Gold Trust).

Thank you very much.

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  1. 9951 |
    Apr 3 2015, 01:47:27 am

    Hi, I am pretty heavy in the sector, I am not an expert, so these are just opinions.

    I do not believe that physical gold and silver are not investments. But they are worth having
    as insurance against hyperinflation or social and economic chaos. The transaction costs of
    buying and selling physical are too high to use them as investment vehicles.

    PHYS should also be looked at in somewhat the same way, because you are buying a fund claiming to be 100% backed by physical bullion. It is suitable as a disaster or chaos hedge, and you should consider it as a savings account that may or may not dramatically increase in value. But as an “investment” it is only suitable if you are highly persuaded
    gold prices will increase. There is a degree of counter-party risk because you are not holding the physical. I am long PHYS.

    OUNZ…no opinion BITCOIN…skeptical but no informed opinion

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