written by reader CANF-Did IBuy a Turkey or a Golden Goose?

by april39 | November 20, 2014 7:15 pm

Down Fracking 10% from up 10% what does another < 1 % matter? Thus I bought 100 shares on basically no facts but a hell of a write up. I checked your site and found so many entries that I must conclude that this is the next 100 bagger or your data entry person/system got a pre-market sample of that new Bob Marley pot. Maybe Dr.Kiss can figure this out. John arguimbau-The CFIDS old guy that based on just out MRI comparisons of Agent Orange, Gulf War, and male CFIDS sufferers concludes that they all suffer from the same unnatural markers-makes sense as my father’s flock of 6000 laying chickens got cholera in 1949. After a 2 year quarantine he was broke but allowed to restart 11 week broiler cycles as long as the barns were sprayed with DDT 4 Times/yr by this guy. [1951-1957]

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