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By xiexgp@gmail.com, November 20, 2014

After watching the Senate today on there 59- 41 wait till next years vote, I still think it will get more than it needs and would not doubt that they get the magic number so Obama’s veto can’t happen, but a lot can happen and they just gave the middle east more time on the clock, but the clock still ticks. What are or any thoughts on some energy plays even though it takes time to build, they did the first Keystone in a 2 yr permit process wait and than had it online in 2 years. I am thinking the same window for time maybe a little longer , but lets say mid 2017 it’s up we know EPD has a big part of the pipeline I think about 1/2 but they also have the keys to the car in Houston Tx. don’t be confused Mr. Duncan was brilliant in wrapping up the ship channel connections , and just in case anyone is interested I have been in all those plants in the 80’s- 2004, EPD stands hands above forgetting ready and great people there, every contractor would rather work in there plants than 90% of the rest, that will be getting in on dips and adding if you already don’t have some. Stateside there are many but EPD AND KINDER ARE BULLETPROOF, just like north of the border there are 3 gems similar situation, but besides that sector it would be nice to get some sleepers that will be waking. Travis or any irregulars have any 500 Mil to a Bil$ MK.CAP that will grow wings or buy outs etc. China will be ? because they own so much up there now, like it says just a discussion but on the other side who is gonna take a hit like the oil trains, there will be some leaps and Travis and Thinkolater /irregulars which way or how the market makers going to tabloid and teaser enough to melt the snow for a while you know they will be cutting trees to make paper to print teasers. One thing is for sure we have the right service THANK’S TRAVIS YOUR GONNA NEED TO RAISE YOUR PRICE BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO BE BUSY, CALL IT COST OF LIVING OR WHAT EVER BUT THIS IS ONE SERVICE I WILL RENEW HANDS DOWN, THAT IS WHY I AM WONDERING WHAT YOUR INSIGHT WILL BE EARLY, I HAVE BEEN WRONG MANY TIMES BEFORE YOU TRAVIS BUT MY MATURITY THROUGH YOU SERVICE EVEN IF I DID NOT GET ON A LOT OF PICKS YOU HAVE SAVED ME WAY MORE THAN I WOULD HAVE WAY MORE, DON’T THINK I AM ALONE ON THAT EITHER, SORRY TALKED TO MUCH BUT WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK THE SOONER THE BETTER BECAUSE IN 2 MORE XMASSES THE DEER AND MOOSE ETC WILL BE MOVING. BE INTERESTING WHAT THE GUMSHOE WOULD COME OUT AS ON AN IPO BUT THE THINKOLATER WOULD HAVE TO BE ON THE BOARD THAT WOULD BE A TOUGH ONE FOR NYSE/SEDAR ETC. I WOULD GET ME A LITTLE OF THAT DYNAMITE T@T TRAVIS @THINKOLATER ALL ASIDE I WOULD NOT MIND A COUPLE LONG LEAPS IF I KNEW MORE THAN THE WKLY’S AND MNTHLY’S AND STILL HOLD MY DIV.LONG PLAYS. IT’S COMING AND SO ARE THE PUTS. COUPLE YRS. GOES QUICK GOOD THING WARREN BOUGHT PHILLIPS PIPELINE LUBRICANTS DIVISION CAUSE THE TRAIN HE HAS WHICH MADE IT BIG TIME WON’T HAVE THE BITE IT DID BUT THEY HAVE A BACK HAUL. THANKS GUMSHOE

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