Timely Schedule of Biotechnology Equitys Gains and Losses

By Gr8Full!, December 14, 2014

This schedule shall be maintained by any IRR as a(n) event(s) occur(s) in the following format: $XYZ, Link/source,. Calculated columns/cells (TBD) may include: SP, %age SP change, Volume, MC, etc.; brief summary/comment including original comment(s)/thread(s)s/post#(s) . 125-150 characters (max), author. Schedule to exist on stockgumshoe.com/microblog utilizing google drive. This spreadsheet greatly reduce the biotech posts in currenty threads and consolidate information between threads. Perpetual Prosperity to ALL!-Benjamin
example: HEADER: Nasdaq.com US Market ClosedDec 12, 2014CAC 40 4108.93-116.93 ▼-2.77%NIKKEI 225 17371.58114.18 ▲0.66%FTSE100 6300.63-161.07 ▼-2.49%
Stock Market Activity
NASDAQ Composite Volume: 1,834,060,354
Index Value Change Net / %
NASDAQ 4653.60 -54.56 ▼1.16% NASDAQ-100 (NDX) 4199.28 -47.2 ▼1.11% Pre-Market (NDX) 4211.91 -34.57 ▼0.81% After Hours(NDX) 4200.08 0.8 ▲0.02%
DJIA 17280.83 -315.51 ▼1.79% S&P 500 2002.33 -33 ▼1.62%
Russell 2000 1152.45 -14.51 ▼1.24% Data as of Dec 12, 2014
View Major Indices 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 4660 4680 4700
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SCHEDULE DATA:Stock Activity
Most Active Most Advanced Most Declined Dollar Volume Unusual Volume
Company Last Sale* Change Net / % Share Volume
Calithera Biosciences, Inc. (CALA) $29.85 6.65 ▲ 28.66% 1,167,588
ChemoCentryx, Inc. (CCXI) $5.60 1.11 ▲ 24.72% 7,777,656
Oncothyreon Inc. (ONTY) $2.02 0.31 ▲ 18.13% 7,735,300
Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (SGMO) $16.53 2.46 ▲ 17.48% 2,530,356
Cerulean Pharma Inc. (CERU) $6 0.83 ▲ 16.05% 75,458
Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/#ixzz3Lt0mWKHa
http://www.nasdaq.com/article/why-chemocentryx-incs-shares-shot-60-higher-today-cm422798 , calcs1,2,3,,, TLOGolgytes …

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So my wife inherited an account several months ago. Although I don’t consider the account huge, it was managed by a South Florida high-wealth asset management firm. I’ve found it instructive to see how they allocated the assets, and Ben thought it might be worth sharing. Broadly speaking, there are three broad categories of assets in this portfolio: Individual stocks, mutual funds, and fixed income (there was also an annuity we cashed out, which I’ll ignore). I suspect that the owner of the portfolio advised the wealth management firm how conservative to be with her assets, and they adjusted the… Read more »
Quick post on the second category, mutual funds. To be honest, this is something I just don’t get; I think there should have been no mutual funds in this portfolio because the holdings could have been easily replicated through individual stock purchases at a lower cost (you’ll understand why when I get to the post about individual stock holdings). Actually, I’m overreaching a little. I could see holding funds of stocks that are hard to replicate, such as baskets of emerging market companies or small/mid caps. Anyway, there were a ridiculously high number of stock funds in this portfolio–I think… Read more »
All right. We are now reaching the meat of this professionally-managed inherited portfolio, which consists of the stock holdings. There’s a lot of information that can be gleaned from these holdings. I’ll try to be concise, and limit discussion to what I think is most relevant, but please ask questions if there’s anything more you’d like to know here. I think it’s important to reiterate here that multiple asset managers worked on this account. As I understand it, this portion of the portfolio (which includes some of the mutual funds discussed previously, BTW), was split into several “baskets” with differing… Read more »
#inherited portfolio Wow, savethemanatee – 140 in just stocks! And there are/were other holdings too! No wonder you want to sell off the chaff, if you only had time to work out what is actually chaff. Of the bottom thirty, I’d want to entertain keeping only Mitsubishi Electric and Komatsu, maybe Hitachi, as their products are familiar to me through my husband’s work, but I think that they’re in cyclical industries. I’d keep them just to put them aside for later analysis. And of course I could be all wrong here since I’ve never heard of most of the lower… Read more »
Part of me wants to sell off all the stocks whose value are below a certain ridiculously low threshold (i.e., the cost of a single night out with my family). But I agree, this is a neat opportunity to learn something about companies I know little or nothing about–after all, there’s a reason a professional chose these particular stocks. The first, immediate step was to identify and sell the holdings that my wife and I are prohibited from holding (we’re both federal government employees, and ethics rules still apply to rank-and-file civil servants, even if it doesn’t seem to for… Read more »

wow, Savethemanatee, absolutely fabulously awesome thanks for sharing! so much to learn here!

yours, Finn

OK–You asked. Sorry for the delay; I was out all weekend. Here’s the complete managed portfolio (just the stocks), in order from highest value of each holding to lowest. It’s a little overwhelming. Just to clarify something: I think I originally mentioned that some of the confusion with this portfolio was that there were several different individual managers–one for international stocks, one for growth stocks, one for value stocks, etc. So, it’s entirely possible that several stocks were purchased by more than one “manager”, and that is why they appear very high on the list (Dollar General, I’m looking at… Read more »

$NP; WOW, we thought we were diversified. Following that list of investments would take 30 hours per day! Thanks for sharing the list.


Hmmm, just scrolled thru for the 2nd time, and can confirm, not one entry from my portfolio. But I’m still nearly 125 years away from the 200 years $IPA.V holds out for me…