Biotech Dim Sum: ARTH, CLDN, ESPR, BLRX, GILD and a New Baby Biotech for 2015

By DrKSSMDPhD, January 5, 2015

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, chooses his own topics, and his words and opinions are his own. His previous columns can be found here. Enjoy!]

Every New Year, a friend and I flew to Boston. She’d gone to medical school at Boston University, and missed Chau Chow, a popular dim sum eatery famous for much-liked food, acres of tables, being open every day til 4 am and costing little. She’d studied there til the small hours over pots of tea, noshing now and again on pork or shrimp dumplings as carts loaded with steaming small dishes meandered by.

The flipping of the calendar and learning to write “2015” finds us with a number of single-serving biotech topics worth discussing. No single dim sum dish makes a meal, and neither do any of these items warrant full-form columns. Even so, plenty of actionable information is here. Hang on til the end, moreover, for the roll-out of coverage on a new long biotech idea from the Great White North of Irregulars Lulu Leman and Jer_Vic.

Chiu-chao fan guo, anyone? I hear they’re pretty good in this Gumshoe joint.

Updates on Arch Therapeutics ($ARTH)

Just before Christmas, Glenn Newberry and I caught up with Arch Therapeutics CEO Terrence Norchi, MD, MBA, for a telephone conversation. Arch was presented in depth in an earlier column, in which we presented the extraordinary promise of AC5, its clear non-viscous liquid that can be applied to surgical wounds or sites of bleeding to halt bleeding within three seconds. AC5 does so by creating a barrier through which vessels won’t bleed and tissues won’t ooze, but not by causing clotting. AC5 is a water-based solution of polypeptides with amino acid residues that repeat in a pattern of A-X-A-Y-A-X-A-Y-et cetera, where X and Y are amino acids with side chains that associate ionically in the presence of physiologic fluids. The peptide chains anneal like a BioSaranWrap.

Arch CEO Terrence Norchi, MD, MBA. Will his Emerald Isle missive become 40 shades of green for investors?

When we last presented Arch, the company had three developmental milestones to meet. First, many such peptides can self-associate, and Arch had not chosen the final formulation of the peptide. Next, such peptides are far from easy to make. Most pharmaceutical ...

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