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by povhq1 | January 15, 2015 5:12 pm

The following headline appeared today. Anyone know WHO and what AK is talking about?:
Every Solar Power Company Just Became Obsolete
By Alex Koyfman | Thursday, January 15th, 2015

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  1. 11373
    Jan 15 2015, 11:41:10 pm

    My guess Alex is shrilling NENE-New Energy Technologies, Inc. is a development-stage company. The Company conducts its operations through three wholly owned subsidiaries Sungen Energy, Inc. (Sungen), Kinetic Energy Corporation (KEC), and New Energy Solar Corporation (New Energy Solar). The Company is a renewable and alternative energy company developing two sustainable electricity generating systems. The Company focuses on the development of two technologies: MotionPower and SolarWindow. The Company’s SolarWindow products in development are designed to generate electricity on glass while remaining see-through. MotionPower products in development are systems that generate clean electricity by capturing and making use of the kinetic energy of moving vehicles. As of August 31, 2013, it had no commercial products. As of August 31, 2013, the Company had not generated any revenues.
    2014 Shareholder Letter from President & CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.
    9:15a ET December 18, 2014 (Business Wire) The following is a statement by John A. Conklin, President & CEO, New Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: NENE):… Also filed 10Q on 1/14/15. BEWARE IMHO. Do your own DD carefully. Best to ALL!-Benjamin

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    Rosalind Rogoff
    Jan 16 2015, 10:18:11 pm

    Sogiam is correct. I do not subscribe to Alex Koyfman’s newsletter, but I did some research on New Energy Technologies (NENE).

    They are primarily a research company with two main products in development. Their scientific staff appears to be highly qualified for this research.

    They do not yet have any products for sale or any income. Even though the company has been around since 1998, it is still highly speculative. It was formerly called Octillion. The new name fits it better.

    I took a chance and bought 500 shares @ $1.55. I am willing to risk $775 that they will be successful in the long run, but you must be willing to lose half or more of your investment or hold it for however many years it takes to produce a marketable product.


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      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Jan 17 2015, 12:17:04 am

      I look at them every now and then, they’re often teased. It worries me that a tiny R&D firm spends so much on SG&A and so little on R&D, but I haven’t looked deeply at their progress (or lack thereof, perhaps) in quite a while.

        • 11373
          Jan 17 2015, 08:51:58 am

          Good morning Alan-third button from the very top left…two away from home button (Discuss)! Bless our beloved CEO 🙂 Have gr8 weekend ALL!-Benjamin

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          Charles N Rutledge
          Jan 19 2015, 09:17:23 am

          I am 90% sure that it is; points international ltd; PCOM is an exchange site for all the points and loyalty programs. Those of you who use loyalty programs for the airlines, hotels and others might find it interesting. They are making some money now: but the stock price is about 11 now down from 30 in the last year . I would like to hear from others who use these programs and see if they like THX Charlie

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            Alan Harris
            Jan 19 2015, 03:36:52 pm

            Thanks Chris….but I dont think that was the call he was making in the teaser (play it and youll see) It seemed more like a strategy than a stock.

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        Rosalind Rogoff
        Jan 17 2015, 10:00:13 pm

        That came up in my mind too. Are they really trying to manufacture a product or just existing on stock promotions? So far it appears to be the latter, but they really are making a product, which if they can ever get it right could be a big money winner. I have a list of questions to ask them. I’ll post the Q & A here when I get a response.


        • 26
          Rosalind Rogoff
          Mar 6 2015, 07:32:01 pm

          The latest news is they are changing their name to Solar Window Technologies with a new ticker symbol SOLW to take effect on Monday. I called to make sure my NENE shares would be converted over. NENE has gone up on the news and I’m showing a small profit now.

          I’m not sure if this is another ploy to promote the new stock since the old NENE was losing its luster, but they do have a workable product for window treatment. They have been testing a film application of the solar window, which would be easier to market and install than the liquid. So it almost looks like they might have something they can make in enough quantities to sell. They retained the Motion Power technologies but will not be working on it for now. All resources will be focused on the Solar Window.

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    L larson
    Jan 19 2015, 10:13:13 am

    The Israelis opened a hundred kilometers of piezo electric highway in Nov 2014. Does anyone have an update as to its success or disappointmentnts? L’Nois

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    david shelton
    Jan 19 2015, 10:37:36 am

    Pump and Dump alert! As someone in the solar industry(residential and commercial system designer), I can tell you the claims are rubbish. Windows are not generally in a prime location for direct sunlight – rooftops are. The amount of harvestable power coming from indirect light and light bulbs is miniscule by comparison. Simple tests with a pyranometer can show this. Conventional solar panels are already reaching over 20% efficiencies with some manufacturers.

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    Steven Silva
    Jan 19 2015, 11:15:57 am

    What a bunch of paranoid, conspiracy theory nutjobs… This stock is the future of solar and will shortly be where Solar City is today, make no mistake about it. Apart from demonstrating their technology to US Congress last fall, they are on the very cusp of bringing their products to market. Now is the stupidest possible time to bash NENE or its tech. Their tech uses organic PV which is less efficient than rare earth PV, but drastically less expensive. Their proof of concept demonstration to congress should be sufficient to quiet the “pump & dump” scam conspiracy nutjobs, but perhaps their totally honest FAQ page will do a better job:

    However, when nutjobs think they know solar (like the guy who says a whole building covered in OPV would not charge a cell phone) are talking out their asses, as if these scientists are outright scam artists who haven’t done a stitch of research over the past 15 years and therefore Joe nutjob’s offhand opinion is as good as any. I mean, really, you think the moon landing was faked, and it’s really made of blue cheese?

    What’s more, like most micro cap R&D firms, THEY DO NOT SPONSOR THE OUTLANDISH PROMO DONE IN THEIR NAME. Get it? Third-parties are doing the pumping. NENE’s press releases are mature and responsible. Visit their web site and educate yourself why don’t you, instead of believing the worst by choice.

    • 7784
      Jan 19 2015, 12:49:35 pm

      Have you done the science? Here is a simple experiment. Tonight take a solar powered calculator or radio outside your home window of a well lit room and see if the light transmission through your window will power the device,,,then tomorrow check outside
      ambient sunlight and see if there is a difference. Do not believe self serving promo from any company without checking veracity. Pump & dump by third party is still pump & dump.

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        John Kocur
        Jan 19 2015, 06:04:09 pm

        Not exactly a fair comparison. Since the company admits their see-through panel is not as efficient for given panel size as a conventional PV panel, they should be judged, not on the efficiency of a same-sized panel, but rather on the light gathering power of the surface area of the windows in a typical home to the light gathering power of a PV array on the roof of a typical home. Doing that, it is clear that, unless your home has more window surface area than roof surface area, no see-through panels could generate as much electricity as a roof-mounted PV array. However, for people living in neighborhoods controlled by very restrictive zoning laws or homeowners’ association rules, this might be a way they could have some solar power – if they have at least a few windows facing south with a relatively clear view, particularly with the maturing of micro inverter technology, where each panel has its own inverter, so does not suffer as much from partial shade as the typical high-voltage array string. My personal solar experience is converting my 7KW grid-tie system to a 10KW grid-interactive system, with three inverters and a 12 hour backup battery for off-grid capability at full power.

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    Jan 19 2015, 12:05:41 pm

    Dear Steven Silva,
    Personally I think it is fine to have an opposing point of view, but couldn’t you be more polite to express your viewpoint without insulting the other people who wrote in?

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    Jan 19 2015, 12:14:43 pm

    I’ve bought and sold NENE at a (small) profit over the past three years, and I may buy some again. My wife still has 1000 shares and plans to hold them. NENE is up more than 22% YOY. In September 2014, The DOE’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) scientists presented SolarWindow modules to staff and members of Congress as part of the first National Lab Day on Capitol Hill, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. All of the “proof of concept” work is behind them, so now it’s a matter of getting geared up for low-cost, high-speed production.

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