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By american_aussie, January 25, 2015

I just received an email from these folks. Naturally, they’re only going to accept 500 new members at a 50% discount. Anyone ever heard of them…had any experience with them?

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January 25, 2015 10:15 pm

website says everything is sold out, what publication are they offering?

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March 24, 2015 6:19 pm

to Don Ross, you are fortunate they ‘sold out’ as they alternate touting the Penny Speculator and Penny Stock Breakouts. I have just filed a complaint with the local BBB in Scottsdale, AZ, as follows:

I would like to request cancellation of this subscription and receive a credit of $ 99.95 that was charged to my Mastercard. I had seen the company’s email solicitation to me for The Penny Speculator newsletter giving examples of ‘could have’ gains/profits, ALL of which shown were positive gains with thousands of dollars of profits and high percentages of returns. While the email advertisement indicated “it is valuable to know the potential of these trades we have made,” it also said “give you an idea of how we’ve done.” However, after subscribing, when entering the company website and reviewing just a few of the recent TPS (The Penny Speculator) Position Updates and comparing them to the company’s “Performance” reports, I saw discrepancies between not only the Updates and Performance and of course with the examples in the solicitation email that I had relied on when I ordered the subscription. For example, in the Update of March 11, 2015, it showed sells for VTG, ZBB & AUMN, with the “Performance” showing peak prices resulting in positive returns. Yet actual sell prices for them on March 11 when subscribers were advised to sell were anything but the peak prices and resulted in huge percentage losses (ranging up to 74%) when compared with the buy prices at the time the issues were recommended to subscribers. Yelp and past complaints to the BBB have similar customer reports/complaints.

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March 25, 2015 3:56 pm
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What’s with Hyperion, anyway? I subscribed to their Elite Options Trader and can’t get an answer to their phone . Do they really exist?

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focht o.j.
December 17, 2015 10:47 am

I subscribed to the penny speculator Feb13th.Tried to log on .you have no sub.emailed2-2015.Waited48hrs nothing sent 2nd email waited, 48hr nothing.no working phone. Sent reg.letter3-2.receivedemail said extend my service until May .still could not log on you have no sub. Never ever received one rec. from Jay Cherno0ff.hyperionfin.group Sent Jay Chernoff letter telling him (the penny speculator)
m I could not log on you have no active sub. I knew no refund but expected to receive something for99.95 oj focht Opeg@provalue .net