written by reader The Time Machine: What’s the best way to protect ourselves against the next market crash?

By Patricia, February 14, 2015

If you had a time machine, and could go back to 2007, which stocks and other investments would you hold, buy, or sell? How about 1999, or even 1929? Do the best investments just prior to all market crashes have anything much in common?

How likely would your picks be to maintain, increase, or recover their value during and after the next crash?

Are you not worried, because you know you are invested in great companies, so can securely ride out a crash until the market resurges – which it always does? Do you see a drop like that as a good thing, because you can buy great stocks at bargain prices?
Or are you concerned enough to want to keep at least 10% of your investments in ”safe havens” – if so, what do you think the best ones are?

Do you think, like Travis does, that the next crash will be very different from the last one?

Do you think it is more likely to be caused by a cyclical panic sell-off, by bad government policies, by corrupt banking practices, by disruptions or shifts in the world monetary system, or some com