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by archivist | March 7, 2015 3:34 pm

Hi Travis and Readers,

I don’t know about You, but having joined the Irregulars several years ago, I’ve truly appreciated the information I’ve received from everyone regarding the countless numbers of Newsletters/Guru types purporting this winner & that. Frankly, I’m frustrated by the number of emails I receive almost daily telling me of the next greatest tool, technique, winner, etc. all for a ”big” fee. Yes, I’ve subscribed to a number of different pubs – Motley Fool, Oxford, Agora (agora, agora, agora), Bill Bonner, Laissez-Faire, Stansbury, (etc. etc. etc.) and it seems the more I subscribe to, the less I understand and the more I get bombarded!

The question that I have and probably everyone else shares –
”Is there even one (?) Newsletter or Guru, that truly has a decent record?”

I recognize that everyone misses sometimes, that’s the Market, but it would seem reasonable that some do better than others and I’d like to start there. As it stands, all the conflicting hype results in ”paralysis of analysis” and I’m a bit out of time at age 70.

Given the amount of $ spent to hype these products and to ”sucker” me into purchasing, I’d be better off investing on my own, but having said that, I still need direction and my experience with AG Edwards (now part of Wells Fargo) or Merrill Lynch is less than stellar!

Thoughts and recommendations welcomed even those with conflicting opinions. Its time to dispose of all the fluff and move on with some actual results versus rhetoric!



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