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By emanon7, March 2, 2015



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March 4, 2015 2:04 am

I believe this is Wall Street daily version on bitcoin…they call it rewards programs that companies have and you can start with $20.00. They tout how $10,000 in Bitcoin would be worth $162 million ( at height of bitcoin stock) in about 24 months ( I can’t remember). All these newsletters are pitching stuff.
You make money from what you love to do. If you love to bake, quilt, paint…do it and let your passion come out on your canvas or in your baking dish. That’s how real Millions are made.
I like to daytrade the TF and ES and position trade most commodity markets ( includes currencies and indices) either futures or options. I like to buy puts more so than calls at the end of the 4 phases of a stock as stocks always fall much faster and harder than going up. My interests as it relates to finance lie in trading in the commodity markets, investing in stocks a la Ted Warren style and the buy low sell high principle…take a look at the Avis chart…40 cents in 2009 to $63 + in 2014…nobody would buy it at 40 cents…but all stocks make at least a 50% retracement up or down. So Avis did and then some. NO I missed this one…..it has all come to me in only the last 3 years. PCLN same thing.
So put your money in what you love to do….the chances of you giving your money to someone else and they making you rich is a “fantasy” unless they rich themselves from the markets…but then why would they need your money then. Their is only one Warren Buffet. But Buffet also messes up…If he put his money in 1988 into Pepsi as opposed to Coke his investment would be worth 75-85 percent more. Check out the respective share prices now and in 1988. But what’s a few 5/10/20 billion.
Do what you love to do…let people see your passion and talents and the money will come.
Remember in the markets and for that matter life…”Nobody knows what you think they do.”

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