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By hendrixnuzzles, April 13, 2015


$ANAC Gosh I really need this…anyone else got toe fungus ?
ANACOR was approved last fall for selling us a topical treatment for toe fungus based on boron chemistry. Don’t laugh, they said 35 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus. And it is often on more than one toe.

Anacor specializes in the use of boron as a base compound for medicines. They say the advantage is that since the geometry of the boron atoms are unique, the shapes and impact of boron molecular
compounds have novel and different impacts on pathogenic cells compared to conventionally used compounds formulated with carbon.

Also there are pathogens that are difficult to suppress by conventional carbon-based compounds; but boron-based medicines will be able to effective treat some of these pathogens.

They also note that the competitive field is fairly light on atomic boron specialists.

They also say that they have solved the problem of large-scale commercial production of boron compounds formulated for medical products.

The toenail medicine in the market already and they are coming up with another topical drug for psoriasis. The sold off the rights to a veterinary drug to Eli Lilly and will be getting milestones and
royalties from it, they already got a million or two. The price of the stock is over $ 60, so it’s a ”real” stock.

What I am wondering about is …if they have already produced two or three medicines using this boron technology, and there have not been unforeseen repercussions, then it seems there is a very
large playing field ahead of them without a lot of players on it. Lots of royalties and sales of patented boron compounds.

Or maybe someone knows of a competitor using a different element like kryptonite or Xenon to produce medicial compounds ?

I’d like to get a feel for the potential of boron therapies getting my toe in the water. Anybody got an opinion on the science end of this ?

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