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Welcome! The purpose of this thread will be to discuss, identify and follow small or mid-cap biotechs that have credible scientific platforms , big potential target markets, favorable qualified second party medical opinion, and significant stock appreciation potential in a one-to-three year time horizon; and to create and track an actual equal weight portfolio of small caps in the sector.
I intend to put real money into the portfolio of twenty to thirty stocks, $ 1000 each, totalling $ 20,000 to $ 30,000.

All input from you on the scientific, regulatory, technical, and fundamental aspects of stocks in the target category is welcome.
There are already several excellent biomed threads, notably Dr Kss, Doc Gumshoe, the Bio ETF thread started by Mr. Hill, and the Other Interesting Ticker thread. I thought it was disrespectful to transform threads by the doctors; I have no interest in ETFs or mutual funds; and I want a tighter focus than a general ticker thread.
We no longer have the invaluable services of Dr Kss, we will have to get along without him best we can until and unless he returns.
I am not a medical expert or a professional trader and am painfully aware of my limitations.
I have limited experience in biotech. I am not making recommendations, I am just an amateur trying to do some due diligence, get ideas, and express my opinion. You are free to do the same.
I will referee the thread, which will operate with the following rules:
1. Comments will be on subjects pertaining to the purpose of the thread
2. Be nice. No attacks or insults. We lost Dr Kss on account of the ingratitude of a few people.
3. The companies discussed will be core medical or research oriented, no equipment, software,
real estate, healthcare, etc. No mutual or ETFs unless they make decisions on qualified medical
4. The companies discussed must be “on the radar”. The “radar” is a list of 300 tickers I have compiled from ETFs, mutual funds, newsletters, threads in Stock Gumshoe, and my own research. Companies will move from “off the radar”, to “on the radar”, to Top 50, to the investment list of twenty to thirty tickers.
5. If you suggest a ticker and it is “off the radar” have a little information on it and be prepared to do a little research or at least understand what they are trying to do. If the ticker you suggest is “on the radar”, I will tell you what we know (which probably won’t be much). I will check out a number of the companies but there are too many for one person to do. I may ask you to get some information on the company if I cannot do it myself. Negative information on a company is useful, since there are too many choices and we need to eliminate tickers of lesser interest.
6. Short-term movement is interesting, but the purpose of the thread is not to short-term trading profit. It is to find medium-term investments with a time horizon of one to three years. So technical information on short-term indicators should be limited, unless it
provides possible entry points or exit points, or tends to confirm or invalidate the long-term validity of the idea.

I’ve learned a lot from the great contributors at the site, and I hope to make a contribution to the financial success of everyone here. Thanks especially to Travis, Dr Kss, Benny Hill, HiPockets,
Ben and the rest of you.

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