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By xiexgp@gmail.com, May 29, 2015

Dear Irregulars:

Recently in an Oxford Club ”Big Pharma Presentation: The FDA has a Change of Heart” regarding the use of ”biosimilars” in the United States to start on/about October 20, 2015.

It seems that in 1984 Big Pharma was shocked with generic drugs were introduced into the American medical scene, and many companies lost millions–if not billions–of dollars for not having developed ”generic type” drugs for the American market.

Then in 2006, ”biosimilar drugs” were allowed to be presented into the European medical market running a cost reduction to many companies, but giving the consumer public a break on the cost of drugs and procedures beyond the generic drug scene,

At about this same time there was a tremendous influx of funds into the hands of lobbyists in Washington D.C. from Big Pharma to keep these ”biosimilar drugs” off of the American market.

From 2006 until now, the FDA has played this game with Big Pharma, but in October 2015 it has decided that the floodgates of ”biosimilars” shall be opened into the American medical market.

Europe already has some 21-biosimilar drugs in use, and an additional 73-biosimilar drugs awaiting approval and use.

The American medical/Big Pharma will see a dramatic loss of revenue from major pharmaceutical players such as Amgen, Abbvie, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and Merc as these major companies reel backwards trying to get ”biosimilar drugs” to replace their current ”big sellers”!

Marc Lichenfeld, Oxford Club/The Street.com/Oxford Income Letter says that he has identified five companies that will give their investors huge returns on/before October 20, 2015.

One of these five companies, he says, is a Dutch company that creates ”tools” for the medical/drug supply field. One of its products can match DNA.

Another one of these companies will be able to manage the costs of medical pharmacy businesses that buy in bulk and distribute to the vendors.

Does anyone have any idea which of these five companies that Marc Litchenfeld is referring to?

Skipp Metzger
an Irregular subscriber
Friday Harbor, Washington

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