written by reader to Dr. KSS re migranes

By Roger, May 3, 2015

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese branch of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a simple way to alleviate migraines within minutes.
In JSJ migraines are recognized as being frontal headaches on one side of the head or the other.
For a right migraine, place a hand on the space between the outside right ankle and the Achilles’ tendon. (Actually one slides a finger or thumb lateral side of the Achilles’ tendon behind the external malleolus.) That place will be sore and painful when there is a migraine. The migraine will be relived in a few minutes. I believe the theory is that the bladder and gall bladder energy flows go from the right side of the head to the space between the ankle and Achilles’ tendon. It is thought that because these flows make a right angle, there can be an impeding of the energy, and dissipating the swelling with energy can restore the path and end the pressure on the head. This treatment can be applied by one’s self as well as by others.
I admit that this treatment may make no sense in Western medicine, but I have noted that you are open minded (for example your acknowledgment of Sister Kenny and the unexplained benefits of hands on therapy.)
I have done this twice and rapidly ended migraines.
For a left migraine, the corresponding spot is held on the exterior left space between ankle and Achilles’ tendon.
Publish or don’t publish as you choose.
Roger E. Stevens (Orpheusrog)

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5 years ago

Thanks Roger. Re energy medicine, this has been very well researched in modern times, more recently Barbara Brennan PhD, “Hands of Light ” 1987.

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5 years ago

Dr KSS, in your constant examination of research breakthroughs would you keep an attentive eye re asthma. Smith Glaxo Kkein has overwhelmed in this area, with australian medical statements that the cause is unknown, and no cure.

Japanese scientists research has shown that realignment of jaws cures 80% of asthmatics immediately alleviating an involvement of the TMJ(P Substance). Ms Mazarakis at Melb Uni has found broccoli has a reversal effect…. whereas seratide prednisolone) and cymbicort have horrific side effects.
I have very late onset asthma after a dentist wilfully cut down 12 teeth and my front teeth started breaking and now face a full mouth restoration and the correct position of jaw is unknown, so am well aware of the offered current disastrous pharma approaches.

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