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By xiexgp@gmail.com, August 24, 2015

Travis, what do you think of this offer by Keith Fitzgerald at Money Map Press and the promise of Six Triple digit winners based on his X theory?

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Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor
August 24, 2015 4:13 pm

I sincerely believe that if it were valid, he would keep the idea to himself and family members, and make multiple millions instead of 6 figures.

MMap seems to be in the business of selling newsletters, and giving a SUPER-HYPE to many assorted investments. JMO.

August 24, 2015 9:40 pm

I subscribed to the Money Map Report about three weeks ago, because it was
selling for $49 bucks just like the stock gumshoe subscription. I thought the
journalism was pretty interesting, but the proof was in the pudding. Did Keith
Fitz-Gerald really have the secret to never picking a losing stock again? He has
this “remarkable” proprietary buy and sell signal that he says can never miss.
So, the first two stocks which he recommended with his service were $DIS and
$EA. These are both fundamentally excellent companies in my opinion. And
his red cross over signal was flashing like Flash Gordon and the Emperor Ming.
And, as he only buys stocks that are moving up, how can you lose money by
buingy these two stalwarts? As he “only” buys stocks that are moving up, and always
sells stocks once they signal “sell” he always makes money, right? Well, in three
weeks, Disney is down close to 20% and EA is down about 12%. As I didn’t buy,
but just watched these two companies in my paper trade account, I didn’t get
burned. Disney has the release of Star Wars to look forward to as we head into
the Christmas season, and EA has some hot video games that could be on the
Xmas wish list of many teenage boys. Strangely, these companies might both
be approaching buy points, now that they’ve come in this much in just three weeks.
Fitz-Gerald is guilty of using the same teaser approach to the get rich quick journalsim
that most of the other financial advice investment services use. He’s probably not
better or worse than Louie Navallier, the Motley Fool, and the usual suspects. I
wouldn’t take any of the outrageous claims seriously, however. They are sometimes
fun to read, and might even give you good investment advice occasionally. Hey,
every broken clock gets the time right twice per day, right?

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