by mjqdelmar | August 23, 2015 9:39 am

Do you have any info on this teaser?

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    Jeff Whallin
    Aug 26 2015, 05:14:45 pm

    Yes, advertising his book “America 2020 – The Survival Blueprint” (hardcover + electronic copy + some reports) – comes “free” with an annual subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory for $99 (with 30 day cancellation & no charge until the 30 days expire for the Advisory Service), and a guarantee the 2nd year will renew at $99. A $19 charge is tacked on (guessing this is mostly to cover shipping & handling of the book & reports). If you don’t like the book you can return for a full refund within 6 months. Not a bad deal, really, but if all the dooms day stuff he and Jim Rickards are touting come true, we might all be better off pocketing the $118! And, it is certain Porter will be hitting up his subscribers for program upgrades costing thousands.

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