written by reader New pitch from Dave Fessler at the Oxford Club: “The Three Most Profitable Trades of Your Lifetime.”

by dwgoetz | October 30, 2015 8:55 am

“The Three Most Profitable Trades of Your Lifetime.”
The pitch involves 3 energy (oil, gas) stocks which will sore in the next few month as oil switches from an excess to a shortage worldwide.
Mr. Fessler is Editor, Advanced Energy Strategist
Energy and Infrastructure Strategist, The Oxford Club
The price for his subscription is not mentioned. Video is at:

  1. http://pro.oxfordclub.com/TRADE250MALE4IUPS4/MPESRA11/?a=32&o=6241&s=6585&u=55956&l=6600&r=MC&vid=SSwxkG&g=0&h=true: http://pro.oxfordclub.com/TRADE250MALE4IUPS4/MPESRA11/?a=32&o=6241&s=6585&u=55956&l=6600&r=MC&vid=SSwxkG&g=0&h=true

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