Skepticism That Cuts Both Ways

Doc Gumshoe's Principles

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", October 5, 2015

[Michael Jorrin, who I call “Doc Gumshoe,” is a longtime medical writer who writes on health and medicine topics for us from time to time. He is not a doctor, and his commentary is not investment-focused. He chooses his own topics, and, as with all our guest columnists, the words and opinions are his alone — you can see all his past columns here.]

Gumshoe denizens are, by now, accustomed to the skeptical views issuing from this corner on such subjects as miracle cures for every deadly disease known to mankind. As I hope my patient readers by now understand, I do try to comb through the tangled skeins of promotional blather about those miracle cures, searching for the elusive “grain of truth,” and I also try to arrive at a fair guess as to whether those grains, if any, could be seeds that could sprout into genuine therapies that might be, if not miraculous, at least beneficial. That’s what I shoot for.

But because I am not an enthusiastic camp follower behind the banner of “alternative medicine,” some readers assign me to the ranks of committed defenders of the medical