Irregulars Annual Review

Checking in on my personal holdings and Irregulars suggestions

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 26, 2016

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps me to make sure nothing really falls through the cracks. I write about a lot of my holdings with some regularity, but there are years when some position or another doesn’t get discussed at all… in that case, thanks to this annual review, it gets looked at at least once even if it’s a stock that I fully intend to ride through whatever volatility occurs.

Let me be clear up front: I do not recommend investments or maintain a model portfolio for individual