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by lougiam | February 18, 2016 10:38 pm

Relatively new to the site – was wondering how to submit teasers for research – thought I’d try here, but please point me in the right direction if there’s a preferred route.

Anyone know what company Keith Fitz-Gerald is teasing about on Total Wealth? He talks about about a small biotech company with a monopoly on one of the rarest resources on the planet, called ET-743. Has anyone else heard of this, and know what company he’s referring to?


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    Feb 19 2016, 12:47:57 am

    I just listened to Michael Robinson’s half hour presentation on the ultimate cancer drug ET.-743. There is no listed company. NSDQ Listing is anticipated for the second half of 2016. There is private placement prospectus where “round lot units” for $245 per unit
    Can be purchased. Robinson guarantees at least six times you money in 2016.
    You can get prospectus with purchase of his service for $2000.
    Maybe our Gumshoe can find out where to get the prospectus.

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    Feb 19 2016, 10:05:21 am

    I know what the companies name is. Is there a way to get in with just that info or do you need all this special stuff in the prospectus?

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        Feb 23 2016, 04:42:19 pm

        Zeltia is the Spanish Parent. But their pharma involvement is small. I believe
        the Zeltia subsidiary PharmaMar USA is the one that is presently selling with a private placement memorandum. They have an office on the East Coast. They have a web site.
        I suspect they gave the Money Map People a couple of weeks to peddle the deal.

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          Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
          Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
          Feb 23 2016, 11:05:24 pm

          I haven’t looked at the details and don’t know the company or its financial status (or the science, frankly), but would urge anyone interested in a stock to simply buy it on its home exchange if you’re convinced it’s a good buy. If Money Map does have some special private placement, which would be odd and could put them at huge regulatory risk, it’s probably a lousy deal that comes with strings.

          Companies that have options and valuable assets do not generally try to get new shareholders with promotions like that or deals with overpromisers like Robinson — Sometimes investing is as simple as “don’t buy something that people are trying too hard to sell”

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          Aug 25 2016, 07:26:25 pm

          Wasn’t there a recent reverse merger of the parent company (Zeltia) into the subsidiary (PharmaMar), which is the producer of the anti-cancer drug?

  3. 14
    Feb 19 2016, 11:50:14 am

    I am a member of Money Morning, and I believe that Keith Fitz-Gerald should give this information out to us, it’s members. If I understand this right, and I put in for 2 units, at a cost of $245 per unit, or $490.00 and add the cost of getting the information at a cost of $2000 , for a total cost of $2490, I would get back 6 times the $490.00 or $2,490 That means I would get back my money, MINUS the fees for buying the stock. So to make money on this, you need to buy more than 2 units. This means that one would have to spend more than $2,700.00 to get more than you put in.

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    Feb 20 2016, 11:40:46 am

    Cash and Debt
    Cash and cash equivalents plus current and non-current financial assets amounted to 50.3 million euro (36.6
    million euro at 2014 year-end). The Group’s total interest-bearing debt (current and non-current) amounted to
    109.7 million euro (91.5 million euro at 31 December 2014). Consequently, Group net debt at 30 September
    2015 totalled 59.5 million euro (54.9 million euro at 31 December 2014).
    In the first half of the year, the company began reorganising its debt in order to extend the maturity of bank
    loans so as to gain flexibility by releasing cash that can be used for R&D. The effect of that reorganisation
    can be seen in the debt structure table below.
    Zeltia issued 17 million euro of 12-year non-convertible bullet bonds, which were subscribed and paid for on
    7 July and listed on the Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija (“MARF”) on 8 July.
    Also, there was an increase in the use of credit lines in the first nine months of 2015, as is habitual in this
    part of the year. The Group’s credit lines have a limit of 33 million euro; consequently, it has 9 million euro
    still available.
    The breakdown of total debt at 31 December 2014, 30 June 2015 and 30 September 2015, at amortised
    cost, classified as current and non-current, is shown in the table below:
    09/30/2015 06/30/2015 12/31/2014

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    Feb 20 2016, 12:04:03 pm

    Quite a bit of debt here. Just something to consider. I would wait until NASDAQ listed personally.. It’s down about 50% in the last year.

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    Feb 20 2016, 12:20:12 pm

    They spent a lot on R & D, decent revs. They revolutional products may be able to turn them into a big player. Will watch to become NASDAQ listed.

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      Aug 25 2016, 07:35:50 pm

      Correction: the prospectus you list is simply the filing for merger of the parent company into the subsidiary. It is not an offering prospectus.

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    Glenn Rosendahl
    Feb 25 2016, 09:34:06 pm

    I am a medical practitioner. I look at this drug from a different perspective than I have been reading out there in ‘tease-land’ and in Stock Gumshoe. This drug was in major discussion in 2001 [], I read further discussion in 2010 [] and in 2014 []. It is put up as a chemotherapy of last resort in ‘relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer’ (which means, so far, is has appeared valuable in the most limited of circumstances, and even that value is questionable. If it is such a wonder drug, how come it is still in technical discussion, and only in preliminary clinical trials, more than 15 years since its initial conceptual chemotherapeutic discussion? It is NOT, so far, ‘first line’ in the treatment of any cancer. I Why now – abruptly – is it being touted as a ‘wonder drug’? I think that is a question that should be put to its commercial proponents, for medical, chemotherapeutic – and commercial – explanations. 15 years is a lot of time to develop valuable clinical uses, if it has such. I understand it has taken less than 2 years to develop safe and effective vaccines for ebola infection. [Glenn Rosendahl MB BS Australia]

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      Feb 25 2016, 11:19:09 pm

      ET-743 is a new, tweaked version with much better results. It has been approved in Europe for three cancers.
      FDA has approved it as a Stage 4 “Last Resort” drug, with a 70% remission rate .
      Clinical Trials are underway in the US for at least three more cancers. We non-practicioners
      believe FDA approves in tiny steps to protect the cancer industry, since they pay the FDA 2.5 Billion per year. In addition this stuff is expensive and broad approval would hurt the Insurance companies.

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        Glenn Rosendahl
        Feb 26 2016, 05:13:04 am

        Wolfgang, would you please drop in a reference or two that demonstrate your claim that ET-743 is a ‘new tweaked version’. I would expect that any significant alteration (improvement) in the drug would be identified by an altered, different descriptor. Otherwise, how would one clinically tell the difference between the two?

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          Feb 26 2016, 02:52:06 pm

          This company has been around since 1986. The initial trials were made with an extract from a dime size sea creature. Early names were long Latin names starting with E and T.
          In Europe trials were conducted in hwith “Yondelis”. Johnson and Johnson is one purveyor of recent versions of ET 743. Latest version is a synthetic, tweaked copy. CEO was interviewed by financial guru Michael Robinson and parts of that interview are shown in the Monemap teaser. This private company sold $110,000,000 of ET 743 and other sea creature formulations. Today is the last day to view that half hour tease and still get the offering prospectus.

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    Feb 26 2016, 12:27:37 pm

    If something’s too good to be true…….
    That’s how Bernie Madoff got all your money as you cried boo hoo hoo woe is me.
    Just saying ….. this guy reminds me of a newer version of bernie

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    Feb 26 2016, 01:23:32 pm

    The internet is a glorious and wonderful tool if used correctly and asked the right questions.

    Here are 3 questions I asked Google and the results will give you every piece of disclosed information out there to give you an educated decision on pharmarmar/zeltia group you ever need to know and this took me 10 minutes of my time.

    1) is pharmarmar Mar a good company to invest in?
    2) who is pharma Mar owned by?
    3) zeltia group annual report?

    Found out on the last question pharma Mar merged with zeltia group in 2015 and now is the parent company to zeltia (wow corporate worm holes) and pharma Mar just went on the Spanish stock exchange in November 02 of 2015….really! They’ve been in business since 1986 and peeked in 2000 and been steady at @$2/share for 16 years.

    If it was my money I’d wait until 2017 until even investing a dime in this company because they technically only have 2 treatments on the market today with at least 15 in only phase 1&2 trials which equivalate to at least 5-10 years before approving additional drugs.

    You can look at everything about these companies. Do your own research before crying on a future blog how you lost x amount of money 🙂

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    Feb 27 2016, 09:34:59 am

    I’m keeping an eye on this & wondering if this is such a great opportunity why is it kissing 52 week lows? It trades on the grey marketas PHMMF at a .20 premium to the price on yahoo finance.

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    Mar 1 2016, 02:39:27 am

    I believe the original company, the Spanish one(?) OWNS the copyrights to the PROCESS that synthesizes the particular medication from the original organism from the ocean. The medication has been approved for use in some of the Asian countries as well as the European nations. 2 or 3 trials are currently being conducted in the US. The speculation is that the drugs will be hopefully be approved for use here with expanded use for other cancers. HOWEVER, if the drug tests out very well, do you REALLY think the FDA and the big pharmas will actually present something that will cure cancer? Kill the goose that laid the golden egg????? Don’t bet on it!

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      Mar 4 2016, 07:20:10 pm

      A bit more to the point: J&J has the rights for distribution and sale in the U.S. So if you’re expecting to cash in on sales in the U.S., you’re talking about the wrong company. Pharmamar licensed the original process (using the sea animals) decades ago from U of Illinois (ca 1986), and I think they more recently licensed the process for synthesizing it from Harvard. I’m pretty sure they don’t own any of the patents (or “copyrights”).

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    Mar 4 2016, 10:38:52 pm

    Thanks so much for all your comments,, and perspectives , I can not at this time afford 2 or more lots to break even if all goes well? So will not invest thanks

  13. 312
    Mar 7 2016, 05:42:26 pm

    The following, summarised from Edison research provides an overview of current status as per Edison:
    PharmaMar has built a pipeline of first-in-class cancer drugs for development with strategic partners. Royalty income from the recent approvals for Yondelis for soft tissue sarcoma in Japan and the US should drive strong profit growth from 2017 onwards.
    The 420-patient Phase III trial of PM1183 in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer was cleared to continue in February after an interim safety analysis on the first 80 patients.
    Potential near-term catalysts include Aplidin Ph III data in multiple myeloma (Q116).
    The oncology portfolio has been validated through multiple global partnerships, eg J&J in the US and Taiho in Japan (over Yondelis) and Chugai in certain EU countries (for Aplidin).
    Re the drugs:
    YONDELIS® (trabectedin) an anticancer agent of marine origin has been approved in Europe for the treatment of advanced soft tissue sarcoma and recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer (in combination with DOXIL®/Caelyx®). Has orphan drug designation. Under license agreements, Janssen Products holds the rights to develop YONDELIS® (trabectedin) in the US and rest of the world except for Japan, where Taiho Pharmaceutical has the rights, and Europe where PharmaMar develops and markets it.
    Plitidepsin is an investigational anticancer agent of marine origin. It specifically binds to the eEF1A2 and targets the non-canonical role of this protein, resulting in tumour cell death via apoptosis. Plitidepsin is currently in clinical development for hematological cancers, including a Phase III in relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, a Phase Ib in relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma as a triple combination of plitidepsin, bortezomib and dexamethasone, and a Phase II in relapsed or refractory angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. Has also received orphan drug designation. See Clinical studies with plitidepsin in and in
    PM1183 (lurbinectedin) is an investigational drug from the class of inhibitors of the enzyme RNA polymerase II, which is crucially involved in transcription. By targeting transcription, the drug inhibits the expression of factors important for tumour progression, and impairs the DNA repair system called NER, thereby enhancing tumour cell killing. It is currently being investigated in different tumour types, including Phase lll for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, a Phase 2 study for BRCA1/2-associated metastatic breast cancer and a Phase 1b study for small cell lung cancer.
    PM60184, another marine-derived drug candidate is a microtubule inhibitor that targets a protein called tubulin in a novel way. It blocks cancer growth by impairing cell division of tumour cells through the inhibition of mitosis. It is in early-stage development and is currently being investigated in phase I studies in various solid tumours.

  14. 27 |
    Aug 26 2016, 12:10:23 am

    Back in February I bought the US version of Pharmamar with symbol PHMMF.
    It tracks the Madrid version . I paid $2.60 and it recently made a new high of $3.50 when on August 2 they started a new Phase 3 Trial fo small cell lung cancer.
    The MoneyMap people are still waiting for a NASDAQ listing for PharmaMar.

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    Sunil Gurung
    Aug 29 2016, 01:35:46 pm

    I found this company as a PharmaMar after long research, How can we buy shares of this company. That I couldn’t figure out. Can any one suggest

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    Sep 2 2016, 05:05:06 pm

    Please explain if I purchase a share of the stock ( PHM.ES ) that trade in Spain Stock Exchange & a share of the stock ( PHMMF ) that trade in USA over the counter before the company’s IPO NASDQ offering.

    How does both share of stocks ( PHM.ES & PHMMF ) convert to the share that you will be offering in upcoming IPO NASDQ offering in New York ?

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    james bruno
    Nov 13 2017, 04:50:28 pm

    this stock went down over 1.00 on no news now it seems to be going back up on good news does anyone know if Robinson is still in this position or has he told his base to get out

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