What stock with the monopoly on ET-743 is Keith Fitz-Gerald teasing?

by lougiam | February 18, 2016 10:39 pm

Relatively new to the site – was wondering how to go about submitting teaser candidates, so just thought I’d ask here – please point me in the right direction, if there’s a preferred route.

I received another teaser from Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Total Wealth today, wherein he talks about a small biotech firm with a monopoly on one of the rarest resources on the planet, with the scientific name ET-743. Has anyone else seen this, and know what company he’s talking about?


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    Jim Leavenworth
    Feb 19 2016, 09:46:13 pm

    The two previous comments are correct Pharmamar or Pharma Mar is the company, symbol PHM.MC on the Madrid exchange. That was easy, finding out about purchasing Euros and opening accounts on foreign exchanges is proving a tougher nut to crack.

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    Feb 21 2016, 10:51:04 am

    Pharmamar, as of this writing, is trading at 1.99 Euro, or 2.21 USD per share. As I understand the pre-IPO offer via Fitz-Gerald, 100 shares can be bought for 245 USD, or 2.45 USD per share, which is approximately 11% more per share than if one bought the shares outright from Pharmamar, not including the $2000 subscription fee to the newsletter. If there is a good reason for me not to buy the shares directly from Pharmamar, please share your thoughts. Many thanks to all the posters and to the Gumshoe team.

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      Feb 21 2016, 08:37:52 pm

      Paul, the pre-IPO I’m referring to pertains to NASDAQ. They are currently traded in the Spanish stock exchange, but not in the US.

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    tim schieferecke
    Feb 21 2016, 09:35:41 pm

    Is there any additional risk to buying PharmaMar off the Spanish stock exchange now as opposed to buying pre NASDAQ ipo round lot stakes?

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    Jean-Paul Alcantara
    Feb 22 2016, 12:31:29 am

    I’m new to Investing in Stocks all together. I don’t want to have a disappointing Start in this Business. So anyone that cares sharing his or her professional Opinion would be much appreciated.
    The Presentation by Radical Techonology about this Cancer Wonder Drug sounded like a Lifetime Opportunity for big and quick Profits.
    Anyone Experienced enough out there that has invested in PharmaMar Company and shares the same potential Earning Projections as Mr. Michael Robinson?

    Thank you for any Comments you might have 🙂

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        Jean-Paul Alcantara
        Mar 7 2016, 12:00:14 am

        Hello Ben,

        I do appreciate your Input. I will read the Article you
        By the way my Apologies for responding this late,
        I couldn’t find this Blog again until just now.
        Do you know of StockGumShoe has a I-Phone friendly
        Version of this Site?

        Thank you and best of Luck do you as well.

        Jean-Paul Alcantara

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      john williams
      Aug 27 2016, 08:44:33 am

      This is one that you should run from as fast as you can. I watched his video last night. IMO this is a big scam. Pre- IPO for $245 for 100 shares? Over 2000% profit? I would put the odds of this happening at 0.000000000001%.

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      german filgueira
      Aug 31 2017, 12:08:16 pm

      I bought 2000 shares on the IBEX, Madrid Exchange, doubled my money but still not convinced this is all that Radical is saying it is. So far I am holding, its not a big investment so I can wait and see.

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    Robin Davies
    Feb 23 2016, 10:54:02 am

    Several of your posters seem to be buying because they believe Keith Fitzgerald’s story. While it may be in a publisher’s interest to get it right (so you renew your subscription) he might well also be happy to keep the $2450, forget a renewal and look for new suckers. Could someone with knowledge of the science involved say if the pitch make sense please.

    • 236 |
      Feb 23 2016, 02:26:12 pm

      pitch makes perfect sense. will it work? who knows. It is biotech and there is a reason it trades in Spain at $2 a share.

  6. 31 |
    Feb 24 2016, 04:22:09 pm

    The negative of buying the shares on the Spanish market is the transfer fees and conversion costs that come into play when you want to cash out — and who knows what the Spanish money will get you in dollars then?

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    Feb 24 2016, 05:43:34 pm

    Can you tell me what the ‘pre nasdaq ipo lot stakes are’, and how a retail investor can get in on this, that is, IF the stock is worth buying. Does anyone share Keith Fitzgerald’s opinion? I think this was from Tim:
    ‘buying pre NASDAQ ipo round lot stakes?’

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    Feb 28 2016, 05:02:46 pm

    It’s easy, but broker must be able to buy on the Spanish exchange. Be aware of the
    currency exchange rate and possible higher commission. Still worth some consideration
    if you can handle the risk. More info at Pharmamar.com (MSE:PHM). Good luck – I’m
    there already.

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    john williams
    Aug 27 2016, 08:11:12 am

    It Sounds like on that I got from Money Map Press about ET-73 in which a thimble full of this product is worth 59 million dollars.

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    Aug 29 2016, 04:27:34 pm

    Also following the information about the IPO for ET-73 being offered by “Money Morning” publication put out by “Money map Express”. In following the leads discovered on the Internet was able to learn the following infor. posted by Johnson and Johnson, Inc a publicley traded company, on Nov 24, 2014
    Under a licensing agreement with PharmaMar, a wholly owned member of Zeltia Group, Janssen Products, LP, holds the right to develop and sell “Yondelis”(Trabectedin) globally, except in Europe, where PharmaMar SA holds the the rights. If approved in the US, Yodelis would be commercialized by Janssen Biotech, Inc, a private company and subsidary of Johnson and Johnson, Inc.
    Further research tells me that this product has been approved by the FDA Dec 4, 2015. Would be interest if anyone has any additional information concerning this information.

    • 12494 |
      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Aug 29 2016, 05:19:07 pm

      Yes, Pharmamar is getting some royalties from J&J for Yondelis. You can see their most recent quarterly report here if you want a bit more information, I don’t have an opinion on the company personally but it’s been traded in Madrid for a while and they have been saying for perhaps a year or so that they’d like to get a US listing (which is the ambition of most biotech/pharma companies who need to raise money, since US listings are far more visible and there are far more biotech speculators and investors in the US than in smaller financial markets).

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      Aug 31 2016, 05:33:32 pm

      John, I’m still researching for this company. As I indicated in my blog from 8/29 in would appear that Janssen Products,LP, hold the the rights to market this product in the USA under the name of Janssen Biotech, Inc. However Janssen Biotect, Inc or Janssen Products, LP, is a subsidirary of Johnson and Johnson who you know is a large organization. The only way this can happen is if Janssen has a separate agreement with Johnson and Johnson that allows them to market this product. I even tried calling Janssen Biotech and they wouldn’t tell me anything. I left a message with Investor Relation at Johnson and Johnson and have not had a returned call. At this point I don’t know if I’m chasing the right rabbit or not. All of this information I found by googleing ET-73, found a similiar designation of ET-743, which turned out to be a molecule called “Trabectdin” which led to “Yondelis” which represents the name of the product which was originally developed in Spain by a company called PharmaMar, a wholly owned member of the Zeltia Group. They have given the rights to Janssen to market this product in the USA.
      Radical Technology which is the company offering this teaser also put out a teaser back in January or February which is evidenced by the blogs posted earlier this year on this website. Perhaps an email to one them might turn up some results previously discovered. I’ve been researching this off and on for several days now. I would welcome the help.

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    Sep 3 2016, 01:58:04 pm

    Can anyone explain if I purchase a share of the stock ( PHM.ES ) that trade in Spain Stock Exchange & a share of the stock ( PHMMF ) that trade in USA over the counter before the company IPO NASDQ offering.

    How does both share of stocks ( PHM.ES & PHMMF ) convert to the share that you will be offering in upcoming IPO NASDQ offering in New York ?

    Is there a process involve or automatic conversion of shares before NASDAQ IPO ?

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    Dec 17 2016, 06:09:21 am

    I think Carlos asks a very important question although the MSE says there is no symbol such as (PHM.ES); There are however the symbols of (PHMMF) which trades today at 2.62, and (PHM.MC) trading at 2.54 today. These seem to be the same company and yet they are trading under different symbols at different prices. So going back to the question Carlos had. Can anyone out there tell us which symbol we can invest in and have it convert to or be the same company that will IPO on the NASDAQ ?? It would be a bummer if you invest in a symbol in Spain only to find out that you are entirely outside of the company that IPO’s on the Usa side. Can anyone provide definitive info to ppl like Carlos and me? We all want to be on the right horse coming out of the starting gate.

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        Dec 17 2016, 07:38:43 pm

        Thanks SoGiAm (Ben) for the tip to look at #biotech team. I’m new to this industry and this blog so need to go thru a learning curve. I am puzzled by your comment saying “Regardless, their candidate is likely to fail…”?? I thot the PHM clinical trials were doing very well. Some are into their phase III testing with real good results. The Data I’ve seen looks good to very promising on tests. Did you see other data that suggests otherwise? … and if so,.. can u pls point me in the right direction to study further. I have helped ppl overcome cancer with humble methods yrs ago and am an avid student of this topic so my heart is in finding better faster cures for others, (& supporting new products like this with my $), but of course i want to be sure it works well. I appreciate any tips 

        • 11367
          Dec 17 2016, 10:37:13 pm

          Les, please forgive me for making the statement: “Regardless, their candidate is likely to fail…”
          Such was totally out of character.
          I have no position in the equity and no desire to initiate one. Various renditions of this teaser have been been published throughout the years and Dr. KSS rendered his thoughts on the the science in the biotech threads on several occasions. Their pipeline and website is https://www.pharmamar.com/science-and-innovation/oncology-pipeline/ Dr. KSS’s articles are located: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/author/dr-kss-md-phd/ #Best2YouAlways ~ Ben

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            Dec 18 2016, 03:05:50 am

            There wasn’t really any forgiveness necessary because there wasn’t even any offense made or taken. Thanks tho for your fast stmt of correction & forgiveness is extended regardless.  I looked hard at the links u provided but i fail to find any thots rendered by Dr KSS. It would be nice to see what he thinks of the validity of the trials going on with Trabectedin. Either the results of the Trials are bonafide or they’re NOT; And if they’re not then we have a whole different “Smoking Gun” going on here don’t we? I always try to believe in ppl first. They are innocent until proven guilty. Regardless how we feel about the ‘slick’ NovaX report by Michael, his recorded interviews with the officials from PHM.MC state that they WILL do an IPO in the US by end of this year, or 1st quarter of 2017 if that appears more favorable. By now we all can see an IPO b4 the end of this year is unlikely, but next quarter is still plausible. Do you think that the PHM official is making this promise just to bolster the ‘URGENCY SPIN’ that Michael puts on his pitch,..?.. because if the IPO doesn’t happen they both lose credibility don’t they? How often can they fail to deliver on promises b4 they lose ALL CREDIBILITY & no one buys their stock? You will note that Michael is a frequent guest on MSNBC. How much ‘face’ can he lose till he gets shunned everywhere? Meaning,… don’t you think he has a vested interest to TRY to be right about an IPO because it makes him look good (which i’m sure he wants & needs),.. instead of the opposite? [Today’s Riddle 4u] Question: Why are promises like babies? Answer: Because they’s fun to make,… but hard to deliver  Cheers & Chuckles !!

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            Dec 18 2016, 08:02:48 pm

            Well thankyou Ben for your words of welcome and & kind offer of assistance. Yes, it looks like there is a pleasant tone, and sharing of info in this ‘Gummunity’ compared to others where they are mostly arguing & playing one-up-man-ship. I have alot to learn & glad for any & all help. I’m happy to be in fine company here. I used to be invested in the Market in N America 10-15 yrs ago but gave it up. Now I’m in SE Asia in a rather remote situation and i don’t even know how to go about buying stock by doing everything online with my laptop. In the past i was face to face with my broker who is now deceased. So where to start now? How to start? This is the question. Any suggestions from this group on how to find a good broker with International experience would be helpful or can we make our own trades directly online now? Any & all tips are welcomed with open arms.

          • 11367
            Dec 18 2016, 10:57:42 pm

            Les, please check this post:

            The third link down, First Steps, contains several posts regarding online brokers.

            https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/home.php is the on-line broker many here at StockGumshoe use, myself included, for international trades.

            Tip: Use the ‘Search Comments’ box in each thread to locate the term(s) of interest.

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