written by reader Cabot’s 5 Top Stocks to buy in 2016

by hearring | March 29, 2016 5:58 pm

Any insight on the the stocks Cabot’s touting.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND)
Solar Edge (SEDG)
Universal Display

Thank you…Karen

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    Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
    Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
    Mar 30 2016, 11:40:19 am

    I haven’t looked at Universal Display lately, or Solar Edge at all, but do, as sogiam notes, own Ligand and find it an appealing but fairly high risk holding. Not as risky as junior biotechs awaiting trial results, but riskier than the “royalties” idea might convey because they are extremely reliant on two royalties (Kyprolis and Promacta) for the lion’s share of income. There is potential for high reward as well, of course, and that depends on some of their other top half-dozen drugs in development getting approved and selling well enough to generate substantial royalties… and their cost base is very low, since they don’t do much of the science or development work.

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