Chuck Hughes Inner Circle

By mullerhq, April 12, 2016

Is anyone investing with Chuck Hughes and what results?

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I have been using his Inner Circle and Weekly Option Alert Services since March 1, 2016. While it has only been 2 months and earnings season just happened, I have been disappointed with the mixed results. I am up a little over 2.67%(maybe even less) using his recommendations. There are some very nice winners, on the order of 5-20%, but the losers are 20-30% and this is what screws the returns. I told myself I would stick to his plan because with audited results showing 200% ROI, time and enough trades should bring better results, but I have to say… Read more »
John Bauschka

I am interested in the Chuck Hughes Inner Circle program. $7K for one year and $10K for two. You were not very impressed with your initial results. Now that you have had more time with the program, how has it been doing?

Orlando G

It is now the end of 3018. How are you doing as part of the Inner Circle?

Ted Wagner
So here is my update and impressions so far. Chuck is a trend trader. When there is a good trend and you follow his rules about buying deep ITM calls when the underlying is in the bottom of the Keltner channel, those trades work out very well. The covered calls/married puts also work fine as long as you buy them at the right time. His spread strategies also work pretty well. When things started, I allocated 100K to his Inner Circle recommendations and that went to over 200K in 7 months in 2016-17. Then Jan 2018 happened and it was… Read more »
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SoGiAm says: May 16, 2016 at 10:30 am
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Grew $10K 2 $20K+ / >>—Jammin’—–>

Chuck advertises on TV – red flag #1. “Chuck turned $4600 into $460,000 in two years” – possible, but very improbable to get 100X (that’s 10,000%) in two years, red flag #2. Chuck will give you a “free” book, just pay shipping – Red flag #3. Chuck charges $5000 to get his ideas, and “guarantees” you to succeed or your money back – red flag #4. If Chuck was able to continue this investment success since when he says he started, he would have cornered the entire stock market by now. We would now all be trading equities with Chuck,… Read more »
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