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By alanh, May 17, 2016

I thought long and hard about this title……tacky as it is, this seems as good as any. My contention is that Bio is a gamblers game, where most investors have zippo idea of the science, and the science takes soooo long to bear fruit that watching paint dry seems like a knee jerk reaction. Many gamblers just trade the news. The consequence is that, win or lose, they overract to news!!
The aim here is to exploit that over-reaction for in-out profit. Its a different form of gambling, so dont bet more than you can afford to lose without a wry smile.
Bets are like boy/girlfriends…..you have some fun while it lasts, but its best to never look back. I aim to snaffle 10%….(so when did you last get 10% per month from bank interest? ) You ’could hang on for a 100% win/lose if you like (see $sphs since dec 14 2014) But Im setting 10% as the benchmark. The plan is to monitor/buy/short stocks that have hit a catalyst, on the basis that the sp always (?) overracts. So, as catalysts happen, we will trade the opposite direction. Having made or lost roughly 10%, we’ll be out.
DONT SET A MECHANICAL STOP LOSS…..Guaranteed the whipsaw will take you out for a loss. You have to monitor end of day prices, then exit for good or bad. If you’re keen, you can always re-enter lower or hang in there…..thats your call, so dont blame me.
Have fun with a play account or, if you’re convinced, bet some minor dosh…..but never more than you can afford to wave goodbye to.
Let the fun begin.

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Steve M
Steve M

Isn’t the idea to buy it right after the crash, which was down to 4.00 yesterday pre-market? With nimbleness one might have gotten in near 5.00. I hemmed and hawed a bit and added pre-market at 5.5. This is now, on that tranche, about an 18% return. Buying the gaps down when there is a negative catalyst is the strategy in a nutshell, is it not? But then maybe not everyone can trade during the extended sessions. And I guess I am disobeying your maxim of get in and get out, by trying to strengthen a position — I did… Read More Β»

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Looking for $RLYP on May 26. If ZS-Pharma gets approved it should go to 9 which is the shorts target. Shorts have to cover, company cannot be worth zero regardless. Alan be nimble Steve be quick! Here is my best near future pick.


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Here is link of and about picture in this link from awards show Stockgumshoe awards Jan/2015. Trying to hide something here is link with article in full– https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2015/01/the-2015-stock-gumshoe-biotechnology-awards-show/#