By hendrixnuzzles, June 8, 2016

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This thread is a continues “Gold’s Next Bull Run? What to buy?”

It is for those who believe that gold and silver prices will go up.
We admit the possibility that we are wrong about long-term direction of gold and silver prices. From January to late May, gold climbed from under $1100 to over $1300; then retraced to the
$ 1200 level in early June. So our first test will be to see whether we get lift-off from the $1200-1300 level.

We are not predicting doomsday or any particular macro outcome.

We are not campaigning to change anything. We may have different ideas on politics, social issues, and economics. We just need to share the belief, even if for different reasons, that gold and silver prices will go up.

On this thread we should share ideas, learn, have a good time, and hopefully find good investments and speculations in gold, silver, and other hard assets.

Fair game for discussion besides gold and silver are platinum group metals, non-ferrous metals copper/zinc/nickel, and energy materials like lithium and uranium. No iron ore or coal, to the degree we can avoid it. Gold indexes and ETFs are fine and many may find them perfectly suitable, although I prefer to make my own picks and therefore tend not to discuss them.
Disclosure. I am not a professional in the investment or mining business. I am an ordinary retired guy. I have long positions in all tickers I mention, unless I state “No position” or it is obvious from context. At the time of this writing I am long or about to be long:
Royalty/streamers: SAND, SLW, FNV
Mid-tier and Major Miners: PVG; ABX, AEM, NEM, TCK, VALE
Explorers/developers: SA, BALMF, MRLDF, ERDCF, BCEKF, LYDIF, IVPAF, NULGF, BRIZF, UEC (short-term I am intentionally overweight in the explorer/developer group, but I intend to rebalance to big-cap miners and silver producers)
Silver miners: AG, MVG, SSRI
Physical: I have physical gold and silver of non-numismatic value.

My conviction picks are SAND, PVG, and SA, on which I have done more than average due diligence.
I have developed some proprietary metrics which I call the Hendrixnuzzles Optionality Grade, or HOG, which I use in the evaluation of non-producing explorers and developers.
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