written by reader Marin Katusa’s brand new newsletter; which “tiny gold company” is mentioned?

By chrizcringle, July 7, 2016

Marin Katusa, which is a well-known guy around the resource industry, has recently started a newsletter called Katusa’s Resource Opportunities (this week, so it’s pretty fresh).
Do anybody know of which gold company he is refrering to in this link? https://katusaresearch.com/katusa-core-kro/?mc_cid=67cc7143e6&mc_eid=3e2bf87746
-Chris, Norway

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πŸ‘ 149
July 24, 2016 6:39 pm

After Reading the following , I would be leery of subscribing to Katusa’s “Expensive” newsletter especially with NO REFUND OFFER,
“For those of you considering the potential benefits of subscribing to Marin Katusa’s new “Katusa Research” vehicle*, please consider the principle reason he’s not staying with Casey Research. When Frank Porter Stansberry and Doug Casey agreed to merge their companies (Stansberry majority owner, Casey now minority), one of the Stansberry stipulations on the deal is that analysts at his shop cannot own or trade the stocks they cover. That’s been a house rule at Stansberry Research ever since he was whacked by the SEC and that’s fair enough.
All the Casey people agreed to that, all except Marin Katusa. That’s because he’s still addicted to buying positions quietly and then selling his own shares for blackhat profits just after he pumps them to his sheep-like subscribers. He could get away with his scumbag ways at Casey, but no longer. Therefore he’s decided to set up on his own.”

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πŸ‘ 181
July 24, 2016 7:46 pm
Reply to  ggswift

GGswift- please read all the prior comments noted above. This point was already made and responded to.

The source of this statement is unknown and the internet is a wide open place.

There have been many times that newsletter writers have owned stocks they write about. It is not illegal nor unethical as long as you know about it.

Disclosure is the key. In the wild wild west of junior miners it is not all bad to buy the stocks that writers like this own.

Doesn’t matter to me if he makes more money than me as long as they are winners.

That’s why you take “free rides” and use trailing stops.

I do not subscribe to his service but remember he is no Johnny come lately.

His rep is good till now to the best of my knowledge.

πŸ‘ 1664
July 24, 2016 8:08 pm
Reply to  hedy1234

Hedy the bottom line is will the newsletter make money for the subscribers. Any one can pick out previous wins , but will this “NEW” Publication make money ? There is no recent record of success.
It is really irrelevant to me if the author of the publication makes money personally , BUT if he recommends a stock and then sells quickly after the recommendation , taking a profit and leaving the subscribers with large losses ………. that to me is not ethical!
Question do you know Mr Katusa , or are you in anyway affiliated with the publication?

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πŸ‘ 181
July 24, 2016 8:57 pm