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This discussion provides the current and future of of Li, G, NAM; H2O and more…
After Fukushima REBECCA JOHNSON 24 March 2011[1]

LONG TSX-V: GGG $0.25 OTCQB: $GPHBF $0.19, July 28, 2016 Graphene 3D Lab Introduces New Type of Single Layer Graphene Material:[2]

$GLFN –[3] and #Gummune

Author: arch1 Comment:[4] New development for battery research to make electric vehicles practical and cost competitive…
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  1. 2719 |
    Oct 30 2018, 05:23:31 pm

    $FYI – NEXTracker Uses Speed and Smarts to Help Build Largest Solar Power Plant in the Americas

    “Sprawled across more than 23 square kilometers (9 square miles) of arid desert in Coahuila, Mexico, the grid-connected 828 MW Villanueva solar power plant represents a pinnacle of innovation, quality, supply chain management, and logistical orchestration. The yearly output of the plant surpasses 1,850 gigawatt hours of energy, enough electricity to annually meet the consumption needs of over 1.4 million Mexican households and offset more than a million tons of carbon emissions.”

  2. 2719 |
    Nov 1 2018, 02:48:48 pm

    $FYI – The latest from Energy Storage News – 11/1/2018

    some of the articles;
    China’s biggest flow battery project so far is underway with hundreds more megawatts to come
    California community groups sign PPAs for Canadian Solar’s 150MW / 180MWh PV-plus-storage project
    Peer-to-peer lending group puts in AU$100m funding for South Australia home battery scheme
    V2G chargers to help EDF unlock grid capabilities of UK electric cars
    ROUNDUP: Washington’s first, Offgrid in Bolivia, Texas awards grant, Sunamp-Trina Solar

  3. 11336
    Nov 3 2018, 03:15:21 pm

    ASX Announcement: $AUZ.asx
    Australian Mines takes R&D lead for next-gen battery technology
    We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Amrita Centre for Research and Development. Our agreement to collaborate with leading academic researchers will enable us to continue to evaluate the potential of high-capacity scandium-magnesium ternary alloys for next-generation nickel metal hydride batteries and hydrogen storage applications.
    Download available. 🙂 #Best2YOU! 🙂

  4. 2719 |
    Nov 5 2018, 11:42:05 am

    $MGXMF – CellCube Energy Storage Announces Delay in Filing of Audited Financials

    note: This is not up on their web site yet, also see highlighted section ### for possible trading halt.

    November 5, 2018, – Toronto, Canada, CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. (“CellCube” or the “Company”) (CSE CUBE) (OTCQB CECBF) (Frankfurt 01X) announces that it expects (within 3 days) to file its audited annual financial statements, management’s discussion and analysis and related officer certifications for the nine months ended June 30, 2018(“Annual Financial Filings”) which were required to be filed on October 29, 2018 (“Filing Deadline”).

    In addition to a change in fiscal year end to June 30th, the delay has been due to the complexity of the required financial reporting relating to the recent acquisitions of EnerCube Switchgear Systems Inc. (formerly Jet Power and Controls Ltd.), PowerHaz Energy Mobile Solutions Inc. (formerly HillCroft Consulting Ltd.) and the acquisition of the Austrian assets of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH.The Company is working to complete necessary procedures required by its new auditor across multiple jurisdictions (and languages).The Companywill continue to work diligently with its auditor to complete the audit as soon as possible.
    In connection with the filing delay, the Companyexpectsthe British Columbia Securities Commission, as principal regulator of the Company, to issue a cease trade order which would restrict all trading in securities of the Company until the default is remedied.
    The Company shall also delay the closing of its previously announced private placement (see press release dated October 16, 2018) until such time that the Annual Financial Filings are filed.

    The Company confirms as of the date of this news release that there is no other material information concerning the affairs of the Company that has not been generally disclosed

    MGXMF long

    • 907 |
      Nov 5 2018, 12:22:43 pm

      OOps E Daisy Griff……Isn’t the first time some of us get confused writing these announcements. I’m about due for one myself!

  5. 2719 |
    Nov 6 2018, 02:02:42 pm

    $FYI – The latest from Energy Storage News – 11/6/2018

    Today’s articles
    Ahead of biggest energy storage rule change yet, US’ transmission network operators open up markets
    SolarEdge eyes 1GW energy storage business
    Japanese sodium-sulfur and lithium batteries used in German grid demonstrator project
    Is that battery cycle worth it? Maximising energy storage lifecycle value with advanced controls

    Did you VOTE today.

  6. 2719 |
    Nov 7 2018, 10:34:44 am

    $MGXMF –
    MGX Minerals Announces Manufacturing of Third Rapid Lithium Extraction Oil & Gas Wastewater Treatment System

    “The system, which will also be capable of extracting lithium and other valuable elements, is initially planned for deployment in Alberta. The Company may however at its discretion choose to deploy the system to its western United States or South American lithium brine projects, depending on the economics and advancement of those projects over the next few months.”

    MGXMF long

  7. 2719 |
    Nov 8 2018, 10:15:18 am

    $EVSI – Envision Solar’s European Patent for EV ARC™ Products Approved

    “Invented and manufactured in California, the patented EV ARC™ and EV ARC™ HP products fit inside a parking space without reducing available parking. EV ARC™ HP DC fast charging installations generate enough clean solar electricity to power up to 1100 miles of EV driving in a day. The system’s solar electrical generation is enhanced by EnvisionTrak™ (patented) which causes the array to follow the sun, generating up to 25% more electricity than a fixed array. ”

    EVSI long

  8. 2719 |
    Nov 8 2018, 11:03:40 am

    $MGPHF/LLG – Mason Graphite Provides Technical and Economic Update on its Coated Spherical Natural Graphite and Other R&D Programs

    “Product development
    The work related to the coated spherical natural graphite grades (“CSNG”) development, which covers the purification, the micronization, the classification, the spheronization and the coating processes, has been completed, with success, this fall. The end results are CSNG grades that fully meet the performance required by Li-ion battery makers. CSNG grades were developed for, and specifically meet, the requirements for batteries aimed at electric vehicles; grades were also developed for other applications such as power tools and cellular phones.”

    $LLG long

  9. 2719 |
    Nov 12 2018, 05:05:21 pm

    $ESNC – EnSync Energy Reports First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019 Results

    “Financial Highlights
    Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2019 was $2.7 million, compared to $2.4 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2018. For the first quarter of fiscal 2019, the Company recognized revenue from 10 power purchase agreement (“PPA”) projects.
    On September 5, 2018, the Company completed a registered direct offering of 11,334,616 shares of Common Stock at a price of $0.26 per share for net proceeds of $2.7 million.
    The Company has 10 PPA projects in backlog in various stages of execution. Estimated backlog value for PPA projects, components and systems as of the date of this announcement is approximately $13.8 million.

    ESNC on watch list

  10. 2719 |
    Nov 14 2018, 11:23:10 am

    $MGXMF – MGX Minerals Announces Patent Acceptance for Low Cost Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration (CHP) for Heavy Oil and Oilsands Producers; Combines Steam and Electricity Production, with Wastewater Treatment and Mineral Extraction Technologies

    “The patent filing outlines the proprietary method with example applications. When applied to heavy oil production in Alberta, the system can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from 2.45 tpd/bbl capacity (0.48 tonnes / m3 of produced oil) to 1.19 tpd/bbl capacity (0.11 to 0.15 tonnes / m3 of produced oil). This reduces the energy requirement and associated GHG intensity by over 70%, making it similar to conventional oil recovery in other areas. In addition, because the capital used has revenue from both electricity and oil production, the cost of electricity production is comparable to the lower 25% of the market cost in North America and the cost of heavy oil production becomes similar to costs to produce light crude oil in the middle east.”

    MGXMF long

  11. 2719 |
    Nov 14 2018, 01:09:23 pm

    $RGSE – 1
    RGS Energy
    Tesla and RGS Set for Solar Roof Market Share Battle in US According to PV Tech

    “Of course, there is potentially a ‘no contest’ call as Tesla’s tiles are pegged at the luxury end of the housing market, due to technology, manufacturing and quality perceptions and costs, as well as and its target of its existing customer base from the EV sector,” noted PV Tech senior news editor, Mark Osborne, in the article.“ RGS, we suspect would not turn that market away or
    dissuade its roofer customer base from such business but clearly the initial market is addressing residential homeowners with asphalt rooftops, which represent about 85% of US homes,
    according to RGS.”

    RGSE long This is not a recommendation, I’ve been long for about 6 months and RGSE has been holding positive and looking better. The company has been in business since 1978.

  12. 2719 |
    Nov 15 2018, 01:39:33 pm

    $FYI – PV-Tech Newsletter: US Edition – 11/15/2018

    This weeks articles;
    Canadian Solar declares US open for bifacial business
    EDF signs PPAs for huge California solar-plus-storage project
    Duke Energy launches US$1 billion green bond for solar and storage in North and South Carolina
    Increased solar module choice needs investor approval before adoption – PV ModuleTech 2018
    Solar ‘charging ahead’ but ‘unprecedented’ investment action required, IEA warns
    Origis, First Solar begin construction on largest PV project in Georgia
    Tesla and RGS set for solar roof tile market share battle in US
    EDF, Shell sign PPA for 100MW PV project in California

  13. 2719 |
    Nov 19 2018, 03:42:58 pm

    $FYI – National lab’s technologies among the 100 most significant of 2018

    “Protecting the electric grid — DCAT
    Ever-increasing cyberattacks and natural disasters can wallop the nation’s electric grid, potentially causing cascading power outages that cost utilities and their customers billions of dollars. PNNL’s answer for minimizing the impact of extreme events on power grid is DCAT. By simulating thousands of extreme events, DCAT automatically meshes the evaluation of steady-state operations with changing occurrences in the electric grid to find weak spots. Once a weakness is identified, DCAT determines the impacts that would result from a cascading power outage and provides the power operator with actions to stop the outage before it happens. With DCAT, utilities would gain at least 50 percent in efficiency for analyzing grid occurrences compared to today’s more manual processes.”

  14. 2719 |
    Nov 25 2018, 12:34:00 pm

    $FYI – Ganfeng Lithium Looks To Be A Great Buy
    by Matt Bohlsen – Includes: GALXF, ILHMF, LAC, MALRF, PILBF, RDRUY, RRSSF, TSLA

    Ganfeng Lithium is a rapidly expanding lithium super power in China.
    Ganfeng Lithium has recently formed partnerships with lithium projects and miners.
    Ganfeng Lithium to supply LG Chem, Tesla, and BMW, as well as numerous Chinese battery manufacturers.
    The recent China equities rout has provided investors a great chance to buy the high-growth Ganfeng Lithium on a 2019 PE of only 11.7.

    “Due to the recent China equity and lithium miners’ rout, valuation is currently very attractive (2019 PE of 11.7) for such a high growth stock, with a clear runway of growth ahead in the booming EV and ES sectors.”

  15. 2719 |
    Nov 26 2018, 12:04:26 pm

    $MGXMF – MGX Minerals Announces Engineering Subsidiary PurLucid Treatment Solutions Processes First Oilsands Wastewater

    “When placed within the SAGD operation itself the system will significantly reduce greenhouse gases through energy savings on steam generation. The technology provides superior treatment outcomes when compared to conventional technology which requires offsite trucking and high cost (due to toxicity) disposal. The technology can treat the water in line, under temperature and pressure, without cooling water first and is a paradigm shift advancement in waste water management and oilsands operations. This will result in significantly less energy use for water treatment, reduction in greenhouse gases and also eliminate the single major operational challenge of a (“SAGD”) facility, which is heat exchanger fouling.”

    MGXMF long

  16. 2719 |
    Nov 26 2018, 12:18:26 pm

    $FYI – Lithium Miners News For The Month Of November 2018

    Lithium China spot carbonate price falls appear to have stopped now. Global LCE prices remain firm and above China spot prices.
    Lithium market news – Metal Bulletin – “Strong EV numbers bode well for battery raw materials demand”.
    Lithium company news – ALB and SQM having ramp-up issues. ALB buys 50% of the Wodinga spodumene mine for US$1.15bn from MIN.

    $MGXMF long

  17. 2719 |
    Nov 27 2018, 06:51:33 pm

    $FYI – Lithium Junior Miner News For The Month Of November 2018
    by Matt Bohlsen @SA – Includes: AAL, ABEPF, AISSF, ARYMF, AVLIF, AVLNF, AVNLF, AZZV

    Lithium spot prices in China rise slightly and global lithium contract prices remain strong.
    Lithium market news – The top tier lithium producers confirm strong global contract prices and outlook due to strong demand and difficulty ramping up new supply.
    Junior lithium miner company news – Kidman Resources announces binding offtake Heads of Agreement with Mitsui.
    Introducing Sigma Lithium Resources and Iconic Minerals.”

  18. 2719 |
    Nov 28 2018, 02:03:50 pm

    $FYI – Graphite Miners News For The Month Of November 2018

    China Graphite flake spot prices were slightly up in November.
    Graphite market news – “Environmental policies are still having an impact on prices and supply. Demand for graphite will continue to grow even if silicon is added to anodes.”
    Graphite company news – Triton Resources signs MOU with China’s largest building materials group Suzhou for funding and technical services.

    $ASX:LLG lon

  19. 2719 |
    Nov 29 2018, 12:37:10 pm

    $FYI – Vanadium Miners News For The Month Of November 2018
    by Matt Bohlsen @SA – Includes: AMVMF, APAFF, ATVVF, AUEEF, BSHVF, CCC, CCCCF, GLCNF, LGOR

    Vanadium spot prices mostly moved sideways for the past month ending slightly lower.
    Vanadium market news – Bushveld – “Vanadium batteries the solution to meet growing energy storage demand.”
    Vanadium company news – Vanadium producers report record profits due to record vanadium prices.


    • 907 |
      Nov 29 2018, 10:04:45 pm

      Good to see you hanging in there Griffin. Sorry that I have not been able to keep up with everyone here and contribute like I used to.

      • 2719 |
        Nov 29 2018, 10:16:44 pm

        Thanks edski, do appreciate a comment once in a while. I don’t do that much, I subscribe to the company newsletters, then cut and paste to a stockgumshoe comment.

        • 907 |
          Nov 29 2018, 10:40:18 pm

          But you DO IT…. after leaving this I checked on my account, and just couldn’t believe the action on a little thing I bought trying to “back into” IONIC with, SER:ASX

          Nothing going on with Ionic and the company, BUT….HUGE swings and lots of action because of BHP’s discovery of large copper and gold and silver in the same Mineralization Belt SER has a claim in. Very inexpensive for a shot at big bucks at only .0075 Australian.

          Check it out. I’m long and it has some possibilities, and certainly no pumping by me. SER on Hot Copper….
          Thanks again.


        • 481 |
          Dec 3 2018, 10:18:29 am

          I thank you too Griffin ! Like Edski, I appreciate the effort you put into keeping us informed. I’m here almost everyday for a second or two,tryin to keep up with this slow moving, up and coming area of investment. Keep up the good work and hopefully I can start posting more soon….Cowboy

  20. 2719 |
    Dec 3 2018, 12:05:24 pm

    $FYI – A Brief Update On The Vanadium Boom
    by Matt Bohlsen @SA – Includes: AMVMF, APAFF, ATVVF, AUEEF, BSHVF, CCCCF, GL

    Vanadium China spot prices rise dramatically from ~USD 20/lb to above USD 33/lb in October 2018.
    An update on vanadium demand and supply issues.
    An update on some vanadium miners to consider.

    “New supply from existing producers is constrained, and new supply from juniors will take time. The proposed Bushveld expansion should bring some new supply to market in the nearer term.”


  21. 2719 |
    Dec 5 2018, 11:53:46 am

    $FYI – The EV Metal Miners Rout Should End Soon
    by Matt Bohlsen @SA –

    The EV metals miners have been smashed down in 2018 and are now very oversold. 2018 lithium and cobalt prices remain firm suggesting oversupply fears are largely unfounded.
    EV sales and energy storage are booming – these are very strong tailwinds to the EV metal miners.
    EV metals demand is strong and generally, supply is struggling to keep up. Cobalt has pulled back due to a strong but expected short-term DRC supply response.
    The EV metal miners rout has been overdone and sentiment will soon change to match the strong underlying fundamentals.

    “However, when digging deeper, we can see this does not make sense mid to long term, as most fundamentals have improved in 2018 while EV metal miner stock prices have plummeted.”

  22. 907 |
    Dec 7 2018, 09:58:53 am

    # IKN
    This is a re-post I left on the Scandium, Cobalt, etc sight this morning.
    It is directed to the miners in particular, especially the small juniors…..

    Folks, I hope that you have kept up with IKN and his blog.

    For the past two days he has posted discussions with two knowledgeable people about the mining sector and discuss what has been going on regarding the share pricing, and how we have gotten into such a mess.

    This cat really pens some interesting things and takes on “problem” pump and dumpsters all the time, but lately he has really gotten in their face, and now we see some verbiage from market and company higher-ups.

    This might help you understand why share prices is so pathetic, in an “open” market.

    Interesting stuff…..

    • Griffin
      Dec 7 2018, 02:39:11 pm

      I like the chart at the beginning says a little about DD, but a little pessimistic for a Newbie. There something interesting about Jr.s even if the sector is getting trampled. There are a few gems. I took a fling on Vanadium One and almost followed that chat to the letter. It more than doubled on vanadium project news ,. They have 2 more projects probably years away, but I have no money in it and 2/3 of my original position, and two more projects to fully explore.

  23. 2719 |
    Dec 9 2018, 04:28:52 pm

    $FYI – Cheaper, better battery storage will underpin the global modern energy system

    “By 2040, BNEF reckons the global energy storage market will grow to a cumulative 942GW worth about $US620 billion in investment over the next 22 years.”
    “In the United States, the pipeline for energy storage projects in the doubled in 2018 to nearly 33GW, according to a new report from Wood Mackenzie and the Energy Storage Association (ESA).”

  24. 2719 |
    Dec 13 2018, 04:59:35 pm

    $FYI – PV-Tech Newsletter: US Edition – 12/13/2018

    A few articles in this issue;
    US utility solar installs slip in Q3 with rebound on the way
    Alta Devices sets GaAs solar cell efficiency record at 29.1%, joins NASA space station testing
    8minutenergy, JP Morgan & Upper Bay enter into JV for over US$200 million in equity capital
    Massachusetts town requires PV installations at all new commercial buildings
    Renewables 2.0: Opportunities in renewables in a post-subsidy world

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