By hendrixnuzzles, November 6, 2016

—-An evolving outlook on investing in hard asset investments—-

This thread is for those who believe in gold, silver, and hard commodity assets, and who want investments that are related to them. The opinion of the author is that these assets will increase in value over time.
The thread is a successor to “Gold’s Next Bull Run? What to buy?” and “Gold Bull Investments for the Next Leg Up…June 2016”.

A gold bull market started in January 2016. The momentum of this move appears to be broken as I write this; gold has dropped to $1250, and the duration and severity of this move remains to be seen. I offer no opinion on this. But long-term I am bullish on gold, precious metals, related investments, and tangible assets; and this thread is for those of the same outlook.

OBJECTIVES Our objectives are to discuss and evaluate relevant hard money and hard asset investment ideas,
learn as much as we can, amuse and enjoy ourselves, and hopefully benefit financially.
The uncertainty and unpredictability provide challenge and interest.

NOT OBJECTIVES We are not predicting any particular macro outcome.
We are not campaigning to change the world, or to reform our institutions, or to elect anybody.
We are not seeking unanimity of opinion on politics, social issues, or economics.
We will discuss these things as they relate to our investments, but we are not trying to persuade anyone of anything.

Some are closer to the panic button than others on these issues, but this is not critical to the objectives of the thread. We are not looking to enlist believers about financial Doomsday coming soon to a theater near you, even though we may think that it is.
This is not a survivalist forum. If you are worried about the end of the world, then help us find some investments that will do well.

HOW TO INTERACT Critical thinking and a friendly and open-minded attitude are welcome. A little venting or ranting is OK, as long as our digressions are short and we get back to investment prospects. If you give somebody a shot, expect to get one back. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Try to be nice. I know it is hard sometimes.

Everyone is encouraged to participate constructively. But as thread author,
I am the moderator and referee. So ...

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