written by reader George Soros and his investment firm have more than doubled their position on Barrick Gold

by tonybocc | December 13, 2016 9:41 pm

Thoughts on this?
The article: http://www.fool.ca/2016/12/13/barrick-gold-corp-set-for-success-in-2017/[1]
Some passages:
”The gold miner is still working hard to reduce debt and streamline its operations. The company has reduced its debt by $1.4 million so far in 2016 with the figure expected to reach $2 billion by the year’s end.”
”In its third quarter of 2016., the company raked in $278.0 million in earnings, more than double of the $131.0 million it earned the previous year”
”Pablo Mercet recently joined Barrick Gold’s board of directors, bringing with him a 30-year CV of experience in the mining industry.”

”George Soros and his investment firm Soros Fund Management LLC have acquired 1.78 million shares of ABX stock. The hedge fund now owns 2.85 million shares of the company, bringing his stake up to $50.5 million. Current-quarter earnings are slated to be 21 cents per share on average, while revenue is expected to come in at $2.22 billion. Next-quarter growth is at a rate of 100%.”

”Four analysts covering Barrick rate it a “Strong Buy,” nine rate it a “Buy,” 11 rate it a “Hold,” and two rate it an “Underperform.” ABX stock fell 1.4% at day’s end on Monday, falling to a price of $20.10 per share. The stock is up 96.3% year-to-date. The company has a market cap of $22.73 billion.”

  1. http://www.fool.ca/2016/12/13/barrick-gold-corp-set-for-success-in-2017/: http://www.fool.ca/2016/12/13/barrick-gold-corp-set-for-success-in-2017/

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