By hipockets, January 19, 2017


I follow SG by subscribing to the emailed comment notifications and use them to collect KSS’ comments for maintaining the Love KSS spreadsheet (more about that later, see the current KSS thread for its URL). I go to a thread online only (usually) when I need to clarify something about a KSS statement. Since I have a slow computer and it can take several seconds to load a KSS page, I rarely use the Thumbs Up Button (TUB), which is a shame because many comments should be appreciated by clicking on the TUB.

SIDEBAR: Since I rarely use the TUB, I have wanted for ages to email (though Lynn) Glenn – newby3867 – and thank him for being him. His comments always pertain to a discussion about a stock and usually have the ideal format—a link to information and a brief synopsis about the link. He rarely copies and pastes an entire article. If I’m on line and I’m interested in the information, I can follow the link. If not, I don’t have to scroll very far to move past his comment.

Glenn, you are a MVC – a Most Valuable Contributor. Here’s a Humongous TUB for you!

I don’t mean to slight anyone –It’s just that I always think of emailing him when I open an email with one of his concise comments.

I have learned much from many of you, and many of you deserve Humongous TUBs And special Humongous TUBS for the other Docs!

SIDEBAR: When I’m on line and scroll past a comment that does not meet the “Etiquette” guidelines, I sometimes click on the “Thumbs Down Button”