Mampilly’s tonight 9:00 PM EST 2/7/17

by Lynn Clark, Stock Gumshoe | February 7, 2017 6:30 pm

This is from Irregular Lee Salisbury:
I subscribe to Mampilly’s Profit Unlimited which recommends the likes of IBM, MSFT, QRVO, STM, TER, ADSK, PYPL, etc., etc.
Because I’ve found Mampilly’s service reputable I listened to his newest pitch costing a mere $2995/yr, no trials, all sales final. I didn’t buy it but have to say Mampilly doesn’t strike me as the typical con job. The basis of his pitch is that there are on average 43 low priced ($1.00 to $25.00) stocks that go up 1000% every year. He believes he has discovered the ”DNA” characteristics of these stocks. A new subscriber gets five immediate candidates and will receive a new recommendation every month for one year.
Mampilly supposedly has some credentials having been recognized by Barrons and also by Templeton as successful hedge fund manager. But, he has also been with a four other newsletter services which I consider at best specious and causes me to question why didn’t he present this program at those other newsletters if it was all that good.
I’d be very interested in your comments. Thanks, Lee Salisbury

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    Feb 8 2017, 05:38:01 am

    yeah I get his newsletter also and seen the presentation I am still trying to find that 25 dollar precision medicine stock he is talking about but I haven’t been able to find any stock in that price range that are pharma stocks or biotech or is there a new group that I need to look for I think the big thing would be what city and a hint !!! 3000. is to much but I did get in STM at 10 and its doing great , I think its a small cap company and is under 25 a sharre ,

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    Feb 8 2017, 05:58:35 am

    I watched it last night as well. I am a Banyan Hill subscriber to Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited” and Jeff Opdyke’s “Total Wealth Insider”. I have made successful gains from both services and am a very happy customer. I too was very impressed with the presentation but the price was too steep for me. I managed to guess one of his picks from his presentation and am going to invest in it. If it makes the returns he is promising, I should be able to afford several subscriptions by this time next year.

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        Feb 9 2017, 04:49:05 am

        Foundation Medicine (FMI). Closed @ 24 but was as high as 25.25. Can Paul Mampilly have such an effect on stocks? Its uncanny how straight after the big announce the stock shoots up. Mampilly quotes the management buy in (Form 4) as a good indicator however the COO sold stock in January.Lets see what happens. I’m not watching from the fence on this one as i’m in and already up.

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