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By eemajin, March 17, 2017

Travis: What do you think of this one from Alex Koyfman of Angel Reserve?
”Bitcoin has been all the rage lately.
It recently traded higher than an ounce of gold, a record for the digital currency.
But I wouldn’t run out and bet the farm on it…
The price of Bitcoin can be extremely volatile. It’s five times more volatile than the S&P 500. And it’s known for wild price fluctuations.
Bitcoins are limited in quantity. There’s only 21 million of them in circulation.
And it’s difficult to buy and sell them. You can’t trade them in a regular brokerage account.
In fact, the SEC recently rejected a proposal from the Winklevoss Brothers (of Facebook fame) to create a Bitcoin ETF.
Instead, I’ve been perfecting an investment technique that puts Bitcoin to shame. It’s a trading blueprint that’s simple to execute, easy to follow, and incredibly lucrative…
It shows how you could turn $500 into an easy $5,165 in less than a month… and that’s just the beginning!
In fact, by following this blueprint, you could make enough money to retire in style right in time for summer.
And you don’t need special accounts or secret ”pass codes” to get started.”

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November 23, 2017 8:34 am

#Bitcoin Bubble Now Critical | Gobble >>> 🙂 <<< elbboG |
By Alex Koyfman | Thursday, November 23, 2017 – Baltimore, MD
Want to ruin your day? Consider this…

If you had bought $100 worth of bitcoins seven years ago and held them until today, you'd be sitting on about $13.9 million.

That's what happens when an investment grows from $0.06 to over $8,300.

Bitcoin and other mainstream digital currencies like Ethereum — this year's big upstart — now command market capitalizations in the tens of billions.

Which means one thing: Their time of radical value growth is behind them.

Just like major companies such as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) or Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), whose multibillion-dollar valuations make it impossible for them to keep expanding, mainstream digital currencies are all heading for inevitable valuation plateaus.

Which is why investors interested in recapturing meteoric growth like the kind exhibited by Bitcoin over the last several years have to turn to another category of digital currency.

With market capitalizations only in the millions, there is now a new generation of digital currencies making its way in the market.

Based on the same underlying blockchain technology that gives all bitcoins inherent value (something the dollar lost when it was taken off the gold standard back during the Nixon administration), this new guard of digital currencies takes the concept to the next level.

In the next couple years, these next-generation digital currencies will also rise to mainstream-caliber market capitalizations.

Knowing this, I've isolated two from a field of over 800 competitors that show the strongest signs of Bitcoin-like future potential.

Just like the early bitcoins, they trade for just pennies today, meaning the opportunity for dramatic growth still lies in the future.

Think of these as early-stage startups, only the benefit here is that the market is proven, as is the technology itself.

As they transition from startup to nationally and then globally recognized brand, the potential profit that a select few investors will reap is hard to imagine.

This information is too valuable to keep secret, so the detailed report I compiled on this developing story is now available for you to see firsthand.

Get it right here. I won't keep it around for too much longer.

To your wealth,

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Alex Koyfman
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaire

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November 24, 2017 2:08 am

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