Here We Go Again! Another Plot to Suppress Life-Saving Cures!

What are the "7 New Disease Treatments" the Alliance for Advanced Health says are being suppressed by President Obama's "Sleeper Agent?"

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This one is fiendish indeed, and the arch-fiend is none other than our former President, Barack Obama.   I’ll try to whiz past the particulars of the plot as quickly as I’m able and take a look at a few of the life-saving cures that Obama is attempting to bury.   This particular spiel emanates from an outfit about which I know absolutely nothing – it’s the Alliance for Advanced Health, which sounds upstanding and forward-looking and benevolent in every possible way.

Here’s how the pitch leads off:


Obama’s Deadly Revenge Against American Seniors

Confirmed: If you are over 60 as of January 1, 2017, you need to protect yourself now…

WARNING: This Alert Is Intended Only for American Citizens. Unauthorized Persons Should Not View This Broadcast.

In the next 60 seconds, you’re going to be presented with verified information that PROVES Barack Obama was the most corrupt president in US history.

But this information will also expose a NEW plot by ex-President Obama…

A so-called “Death Order” he signed back in 2016…

…that could result in the needless deaths of more than 1.3 million American seniors this year.”

What President Obama’s “Death Order” consisted of, according to the screed, was the appointment of Robert Califf, MD, as Commissioner of Food and Drugs, on February 16, 2016.   Why Dr Califf should be more evil than his predecessors such as Margaret Hamburg or Andrew von Eschenbach is not explained, but the implication is that Dr Califf will use his position to deny Americans the right to use a great many life-saving drugs.   The pitch even includes a photo of Dr Califf, with a little black patch over his eyes, because it’s important to conceal his identity.   Here’s a bit more:

“You’re about to learn about Obama’s one final act of revenge against the American people he hates.

And there is innocent American blood on his hands.

Because we’re about to reveal how, in his last year as president

Obama planted a sleeper agent into the US government

…to benefit a group of corporate elites who personally paid Obama more than $4.5 million.

But make no mistake, this is NOT political “business as usual” because…

This sleeper agent’s mission could result in the deaths of more than 1.3 million American seniors in the next 12 months.

That’s an American senior every 29 seconds

And more every single year after. It’s already underway.

You are now at immediate risk

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You’ve already guessed the effect of Obama’s “Death Order” and the “corporate elites” that stand to benefit from it.   The “Death Order” prevents the manufacturers and suppliers of would-be pharmaceuticals from stating that their products have direct curative properties.

And the “corporate elites” are, of course, the pharmaceutical companies that would be damaged by competition from these miracle cures.   The pitch from the Alliance for Advanced Health goes so far as to reproduce a page of campaign contributions to Obama from individuals linked with pharmaceutical or medical device companies, headed by a statement that in the years 2002 through 2016 Obama received a total of $4,547,333 from pharma-linked sources.   (I might note that compared with what the super-PACs shell out, that’s not a whole lot.)

We’ve heard it before, many many times, that Big Pharma will stoop to any and all low tricks to squelch the natural cures that can come from the supplements and “nutraceuticals,” because if folks twigged to the truth, that those natural cures would really cure diseases, it would totally put Big Pharma out of business.   Here’s the credo according to Alliance for Advanced Health:

“You see… there’s one chilling fact the drug companies hope the public never figures out…

Drugs don’t CURE anything…

It’s true.

There’s not a single chronic disease in history that’s been cured by a prescription drug.

After all, why would they want to cure you?

Then you’d stop taking the drug… and their profits would tank.

No, their goal is to keep you on their dangerous drugs… and make sure you keep paying for them – while never actually getting better.”

The statement “Drugs don’t cure anything” is, on the face of it, a flat-out lie.   Drugs cure – actually cure! – any number of infectious diseases, including such killers as pneumonia and influenza, and there are millions of cancer survivors currently in remission with combination treatments that include drugs.   Pharma companies like Gilead have made huge news by developing agents that effectively cure hepatitis C and reduce the viral load in patients with HIV to undetectable levels.   The Alliance slightly qualifies the assertion that “drugs don’t cure anything” by referring to “chronic diseases,” which presumably excludes those acute infectious diseases that do actually get cured by drugs.   But that could also depend on what we mean by “cure.”   If we insist that “cure” translates to “drug-free with complete absence of symptoms” that would exclude the millions upon millions of patients who are able to live normal lives despite relying on relatively inexpensive drugs that keep their symptoms under control.   I would not claim that those patients