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By dcinvest, June 11, 2017

This week Oxford Club announced the greatest return available by the stock picking winner Eric Fry.
They announced new service for $1999.00 and year at a 50% discount of the usual $4000.00 fee to get the latest and greatest. You were supposed to get (implied by the ad) 3 selection examples that prove his phase 2 stage selections were great winners. The trading service is called ”Pinnacle” I asked for an example so I could verify the offer and was turned down by the customer service call back. Travis do you have any info regarding their phase 2 selections? Does anyone have the info? As a long time member I thought it only fair to prove the pudding since there was a zero refund to the info. After the turndown as a show of good faith I called back and gave them the name of a definite winner, in my opinion to give to their elite pickers.
I don’t recommend stocks for the usual reasons but HOMB is a stable likely candidate I gave them to prove my terms or contractual ability.
Any info appreciated.

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
June 14, 2017 10:08 am

I haven’t looked at any promos for that Pinnacle service yet, thanks for the heads-up.

I know Home Bancshares has bought several smaller banks across the South over the past decade or so, and they appear to be pretty richly valued at 2.5X book, but don’t know much else about them. Why do you like HOMB?

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June 19, 2017 8:27 pm

Money Map just came out with a video for this service on Sunday. It says Mr. Fry is “Americas Top Trader”. Has a system where he identifies stocks that are undervalued and are just starting to get momentum. He has 6 recommendations to make right away and will give you more over time. One is a Canadian gold royalty company, another is a US Uranium mine and other is a solar company. Seems a lot like the Rick Rule promo, but with a lot fewer clues. I would love to hear if anyone can figure any of these out.

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October 23, 2017 12:54 am
Reply to  geonolan

Uranium mine–CCJ?

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June 21, 2017 9:44 am

It would be good to know without spending $2K. I am tired of spending on stock winners that just go down!!!

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July 12, 2017 3:29 pm

I agree with Steven — I’m flush with stock picking services, and cannot bear to part with $2000 at this time. Besides I’m finding great analysis and experience right here among the articles and threads. But I do think Eric Fry may be the real deal, and I am impressed with his system and his experience. I need some big movers in the next year to make up for my recent necessary, but bad decision to sit in cash for so long, so I decided to “gumshoe” 3 of his top 4 picks myself. I’ve benefitted greatly from articles and threads here at Stock Gumshoe, so I decided it’s time I contributed. So, here’s what I’ve got so far…

#1: I believe the #1 pick is Sandstorm (SAND). In the promo I reviewed this week, Mr. Fry said:
” It’s a Canadian mining company… but it doesn’t do any actual mining. The company has a very unique and very profitable business model. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a mineral deposit into a mine that actually turns a profit, the company takes more of a Shark Tank royalty approach.
It seeks out the best mines in the world… Ones with huge proven gold and silver reserves. This company then finances the project and, in return, gets a royalty on everything that comes out of the ground. Best of all, this company has no debt – zero, which is extremely rare in the natural resource industry.”

Mr. Fry is saying there is new momentum in the stock, it fits his Pinnacle System Buy Signal, and he is calling a big run-up in the stock price over the next two years.

Of the Canadian Royalty/Streaming companies, SAND seems to best fit the clues. FYI, without going into detail and based on my research, I am planning to make a basket of speculative stocks and in this space, I plan to add to the basket SAND, OR and TRQ – the latter which is a mining and not a royalty company, but sounds like it might perform well over the next five years.

#2: Mr. Fry says: “The second play in my report is a dominant global player in numerous essential raw materials. This Brazilian multinational is currently trading at just three quarters of its book value… which is insanely cheap.
The stock’s momentum is picking up serious steam. As the stock continues to gain even more momentum, I expect it to reach new all-time highs, which would be a move of more than 700%.”

Gerdau Sp.ADR Pfd (NYSE: GGB) seems to best fit these clues. I haven’t decided if I’m adding this one to my basket.

#3: I’m skipping research on Fry’s 3rd pick, but will give you the quote from the promo.

Mr. Frye says: “My third pick … I’m seeing robust and growing demand for the company’s products. I‘m expecting a very rapid double or triple from this stock.
But the special play I’m recommending on this stock could deliver a 750% gain.
 a turnaround story in the global power generation business. This company provides an essential product to electric utilities all around the world. The stock is dirt cheap. In fact, it’s trading at its lowest valuation in 15 years.
But now, finally, its momentum is spiking. A 500% gain is my initial target for this play.”

It looks like too much work for me, and it sounds like Eric Fry is recommending an option (again… too much work for this gumshoe.)

#4: Mr. Fry says: My fourth pick is a uranium company based right here in the US…. Demand for uranium has exploded given China’s recent construction of new nuclear power plants and because Japan has finally begun restarting the powerplants it shut-down after Fukushima…This company has some of the best assets in its industry and is on the cusp of a very powerful growth phase. It could easily soar 500% or more over the next year or two…

I stopped researching after reading “Thoughts from Myron” from December 2, 2013 right here at stock gumshoe.com. Myron says: “Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) ($1.87), is my absolute number o