The Code of Life

by pacraig | July 27, 2017 7:15 pm

Anyone have an idea of Michael Robinson’s latest pitch on: THE CODE OF LIFE ?
Seems a tiny gene editing company won their patent lawsuits and is set to change the face of medicine. Big announcement said to be coming
on August 8th.

Any Ideas Regulars ???
Request by: Peter Craig

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      Aug 2 2017, 10:44:21 pm

      I don’t think you are correct. I think I might know what the company is but will remain silent until after the big announcement. I’m buying lots of stock though.

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      Jul 28 2017, 04:32:25 pm

      1) Mr. Robinson repeatedly referred to a company with $6 M in revenue, but he never described the company’s market cap. He also repeatedly referred to it as a $6 M company in the same contexts in which he had described its $6 M of revenue for the previous year, so he made it clear that his use of term “$6 M company” meant a company with “$6 M in revenues.”
      EDIT had $6 M in revenues for the previous four quarters…

      2) Mr. Robinson referred to a company which had won an appellate decision involving the USPTO on 2/15/20176 and explained that was crucial for its monetization of its 40 patents and that its stock climbed 30% within a day.
      A “non-profit” named the Broad Institute is associated with EDIT, is involved with the same gene repair technology, and won just such a USPTO decision on 2/15/2017, after which the press releases celebrated the decision as good news for EDIT. EDIT’s stock climbed 30% within a day and within weeks climbed 200%, from 15 to 45…

      3) Mr. Robinson described a company with 80% insider/institutional ownership.
      EDIT has 80% insider/institutional ownership…

      4) Mr. Robinson’s description of the appellate decision on 2/15/2017 made it clear that only a company involved in that decision could represent his recommendation, and he was recommending a winner. Only two other companies were involved that day but “lost” in terms of that decision. One has revenues above $20M, and the other $6.5 M in the most recent 3 quarters, being a new company, and only 40% institutional ownership, therefore neither of those other two companies fit any of Mr. Robinson’s stated criteria except for being part of the legal event.
      EDIT was part of that 2/15/2017 event and was a beneficiary…

      5) The price action of EDIT today (an initial pop and eventual rise of +7.8%) suggests that it is the subject of Mr. Robinson’s advertisements…

      I therefore still believe that the company Mr. Robinson was recommending was “Probably EDIT, Editas Medicine, Inc.”

      – Marylander

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        Jul 28 2017, 05:28:41 pm

        You are probably right, but despite the excitement about the technology, all in the know seem to agree that no money will be made with it for many, many years – perhaps decades. I have looked at the three publicly traded stocks. They all trade around the same value. I personally like CRSP the best. They have better patent protection outside the US and the US fight is far from over. These are currently “story” stocks, but they do have some good science behind them. I have not invested in them because there are no likely profits in sight for many years. They will trade on pumps like this one, court decisions, secondary offerings (dropping the stocks’ prices), and other factors not related to earnings. I would suggest if you are really interested, to wait for a drop, and to diversify between the three stocks that are publicly traded.

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          Jul 28 2017, 06:13:09 pm

          That’s wise advice, “mich.” The three companies have overlapping patents and technologies already, they may have overlapping license deals in the future, the Feb USPTO decision is being appealed, and all three have good individual prospects doing similar things, so long term an investment/speculation in a basket containing all three makes sense, if you believe/hope/expect their similar technologies to produce breakthroughs in disease treatments.
          In the short term Mr. Robinson is predicting something specific to company “X” (my postulated “EDIT”) which I don’t see in the public record yet, and EDIT is coming out with earnings 8/7, just one day before Mr. Robinson says he expects some big announcement, so I wonder what I don’t know and how the definite EDIT 8/7 event (the EDIT earnings release) may be related to Mr. Robinson’s predicted 8/8 event (?CEO guidance related to licensing revenues and/or other collaboration, or just cover for hyping the stock in an investment letter ad?).
          – Marylander

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    Jul 31 2017, 04:48:42 am

    I just read that the Dept of Defense is getting involved with CRISPR and the c-9 (sp?) DNA editing process to make sure it isn’t used improperly, i.e. as a weapon of sorts
    That kinda puts a whole new face on when it will likely be ready for actual use in humans. That is if you include CRISPR in your basket of three.

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      Aug 7 2017, 05:10:45 pm

      Dear “Lady Bee,”
      Yes, I don’t know if what you read is correct, but any governmental involvement can be expected to be inhibitory/obstructive and produce the results you implied for the product being available to help people and to make money for EDIT (and CRSP & NTLA).

      Two articles which summarized the current legal result are:

      Of interest, Mr. Robinson predicted some big company announcement tomorrow, and now the company has announced its earnings call and news about a “corporate update” after hours on 8/9. I still can’t find any public record of what that announcement might be. A few September calls at $20 might be in order to play any big news, but unless it’s a previously unreported license deal or buyout offer, it’s not clear what else might push the stock higher immediately. EDIT already appears to have run up 2-3 dollars as a result of Mr. Robinson’s ads…

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        Oct 30 2017, 10:38:02 pm

        So can we invest in these companies now? Mr Robinson implied it will be a short term investment i thought. Did you get that too ?

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    Jeff Reynolds
    Mar 6 2018, 12:40:37 am

    Arbor bio tech boston. This is the group who left MIT completed the research, big money like Bill Gates invested in. They only had private rounds. I spoke with CEO 4 months ago, they had no plans of further rounds , no public offering anticipated at that time.

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