Agora teaser for august 28 ICO cryptocurrency

by tomstender | August 14, 2017 3:40 pm

Anyone have a clue who Louis basenese is talking about for the cryptocurrency that is going to be the next bitcoin?

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    Aug 14 2017, 06:39:58 pm

    No idea. I tried to find out using this link to upcoming ICO’s etc. No idea whether its reliable or accurate but it’s clear there are lots of crypto’s coming. I wonder how many can be real

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      Aug 26 2017, 06:18:11 pm

      I’m with Sundog88 on this: Its got to be Universa. I use as my searchengine they participate with googleads (shaded blue). Type in “Universa ICO” and every single ad is an Agora affiliate. I have friends in Taiwan that are talking to me about Universa – so I am thinking that they may actually pull this off. If they get their $100 million in a matter of days because they have lined up investors and restricted access to pre-ico info and links to bottleneck the demand at the door (typical AppleStore tactic), it will catch a lot of U.S. money people by surprise with the buzz. The knee-jerk reaction of the investment masses is to massively bid up the secondary market and so Universa becomes a success because it is a success – self fulfilling. Look at all the effort we’ve all put into tracking it down here in the U.S. The slick stuff is being shown to the Chinese, Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Japanese and Indian techno geeks.
      Let Universa know who you are and I expect at 12:01 greenwich on August 28 you will get an invite. This link will get you in touch with Universa then go to the platform and join. This link will get you to a place to create an etherwallet (which you will need) and if you do not already have an exchange I suggest Kraken or Coinbase . If you do not have any cryptocurrency to start with, Coinbase may be your only option as most of the others REQUIRE you to wire money (can’t do it until Monday morning for receipt on Tuesday) or wait 4-5 days on an ACH from your bank account. Coinbase will allow you to buy Ether instantly through your debit/credit card. Its only $50 as a starting limit – but that may be enough to get your foot in the door with 16 to 31 UTNs. Good luck to us all!

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    Aug 14 2017, 09:12:35 pm

    in looking at the ICO’s – AICOIN might be the one as the tease from Agora mentioned Mark Cuban is all in and he has been touting AI as the way to go – AICOIN uses AI???? just sayin

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    Aug 15 2017, 12:50:13 am

    The problem with the Mark Cuban reference is that during much of the sales pitch they are selling the idea of cryptocurrencies. Then they mix that up with this new one that will replace all the old ones. ” Winner take all”. But they never say that Mark Cuban is in this ICO. Just an ICO.

    ( And celebrity mega-investor Mark Cuban is reportedly all-in on one new ICO.
    He says it’s: “High Reward” and calls it “A perfect Fit”)

    Online I found that Mark Cuban is involved with something called UNIKOIN which has to do with sport betting.

    But the AICOIN date does match and does look interesting. I too would love to know if anyone knows what they are teasing. Even if the coin has no real merit, with market caps these low, anything well publicized is likely to be good for a quick turnover. Buy high, sell higher.

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    Aug 21 2017, 04:10:34 pm has ICO on 28 August for non-US and non-Singapore residents. Each coin is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% gold held in private vault in Singapore. Only question is why Agora would promote an ICO not available to US citizens.

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    Arden Pulley
    Aug 23 2017, 03:51:12 pm

    I think the ico crypto currency involved is Dimcoin. It has a crypto currency and a crypto coin. I has a closing date of August 28th. I tride to buy it but it had sold out by August 15th. they plan to make stock, commodity and other assets part of their trading system. I wish I knew more about the ico process.

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    Aug 25 2017, 09:08:18 pm

    August 28 seems to be the startup date for several new ICO’s. None of them however refer to any multi-computer code encryption which I would think would be a major selling point.

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    chuck hinners
    Aug 27 2017, 11:56:58 am

    They want 3000 for a “lifetime” subscription which only means that they will then come to pitch all the harebrained ideas until you die or dump them. You can do a 3 month trial for just 825 which would give you good leverage IF the ICO ramped up as they claim it “might”

    Same junk different investment medium

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    Aug 28 2017, 04:53:48 pm

    To me, a preschooler in tech, it looks like Chronologic – some exGoldmanite connection, as mentioned in the teaser; and it seems significantly innovative – but is not available to US citizens or residents.

    Possibly, Hutchinson is buying it out of country for his subscribers?
    Forummates with more knowledge of the field: please confirm or invalidate my musings.

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      Sep 13 2017, 10:10:47 pm

      I agree. Its says the coin is “time based”. Chrono is the only time based crypto that I know of. Also another clue stated that the founder is an ex Goldman sachs guy. Look at chrono”s website and boom there is a founder from GS! I have gotten emails from Chrono stating they are delaying do to phish issues. Was supposed to be on the 13th but might be the 14th or 15th. Also Chrono started on the 28th….

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