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by thehiso | August 16, 2017 11:37 am

Anyone familiar with any of the blockchain based MLM’s that are up and running? There is one called BitConnect and it is absolutely insane. Haven’t put money on it yet but I am going to have to. Basically they created a token and an exchange to trade it to bitcoin. They claim they have a trading bot that generates money and pays a percentage daily based on an algorithm. So far, the Volatility Interest as they call it, generates around 1% per day. So you buy bitcoin then transfer it to bitconnect coin on their site then join the Lending program and lend BitConnect Coin to the tune of 1 to 1.25% per day. You can also Reinvest your daily interest accrued. a $10,010 investment compounded after 365 days will be accruing around $7,000.00 per DAY. This is sheer insanity but there are people on youtube that are testing it and it’s working. A literal cash machine. Is this gonna get shutdown or is the blockchain so early it will skate under the radar for awhile? The company doesn’t hide what they do. They are the 13th highest in market cap in cryptos. Their coin naturally goes up as money flows into it and is now at $115 from $.46 in january of this year. Just seeing how advanced Gumshoe folks are lol. Fiat currency is about to be CRUSHED. Although I somewhat taught BitConnect, I understand how ridiculous it is. It’s basically the Money Tree we were told doesn’t exist. If this is being allowed it should scare everyone about what the world powers have planned for us. start with the $100 loan and reinvest interest daily. you need to see it on a spreadsheet to really fathom how crazy it is. Basically if it gets killed, you lose 100 bucks. If it lasts, you will be retired in a few years which would be mathematically guaranteed. There are others as well. The world is about to get crazy.

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