Does anyone know which company Stansberry is referring to here?

By petercanam, August 12, 2017

”After a brutal 5-year bear market in gold, the tide is finally beginning to turn.
The dollar is off to its worst start since 1985. It’s already down almost 9% on the year.
And gold has leapt higher.
History shows, investors who buy the right junior mining stocks at a time like this could stand to make a fortune.
To give you an idea… the last time the dollar fell in a big way, starting in 2009, gold soared 65% higher and the TSX Venture Index (which tracks junior mining companies) nearly tripled.
Could it happen again? Undoubtedly, yes.
This year our research team has been tracking a number of entry points and opportunities.
But one stands out…
It’s a tiny company sitting on a highly unusual gold deposit. According to the government Securities Administration – this single deposit could be worth as much as $6.8 billion.
Yet the tiny company controlling it trades for less than $1 a share – with a market cap of less than $500 million.
In other words, this single deposit could be worth more than 20x the current value of this company.
But even more strange is the nature of the deposit.
All this gold and silver is buried near the surface… in the last place anyone would think to look.
In years of following the markets, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
It’s something you simply must see with your own eyes… which is why I snapped a whole bunch of pictures on my most recent visit. And why I’m planning a return trip later this month.
Click here to see what I found. I think you’ll agree – it’s breathtaking.
Bill Shaw
Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor”

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I came on here to find out the same thing!


Stansberry Teaser…doesn’t ring a bell but if you post the link to the teaser, the photos may give good clues.


I spent hours trying to find out who Stansberry was referring…Keith Neumeyer, past winner of EY award, former founder of major silver producer and current leader of First Mining Finance that has several ‘tier 2 &3 properties in Canada is my best guess.


I’ll check them out-thx!


From the picture it could be Camin Lake in BC but Camin Lake Gold is a private company


first mining finance