Mampilly Bitcoin pump

by whoskold | August 29, 2017 1:58 pm

What is Paul Mampilly talking about regarding a Sept. 5th announcement regarding some sort of bitcoin investment?

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    Aug 29 2017, 06:56:52 pm

    The company behind this “coin” has been doing business the right way.

    Now I want to be clear, what I’m talking about isn’t a cryptocurrency — but it does involve a kind of currency you could redeem in everyday life.

    They have been quietly locking in contracts with some of the world’s largest companies … working so they will accept this “coin” in exchange for goods.

    This “coin” is already being used to book luxury hotel rooms, secure first-class flights to exotic countries, put gourmet meals in front of even the most humble people who held it for years … and much, much more.

    And better yet, it’s proven itself to be virtually recession-proof. 77% of companies using this coin said it helped drive business during the last economic downturn and plan to increase their use of it in the years to come.

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    kathryn seranduc
    Aug 30 2017, 12:28:50 pm

    Martin Hutchinson , a Bannon trained promoter is pushing
    Martin Hutchinson is a world leading expert in this field. After careful investigation, he strongly recommends the cryptocurrency EmCoin that he predicts will out-compete Bitcoins and will yield greater returns than Bitcoin that has increased 3000 times. An investment of a

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        Sep 1 2017, 02:40:24 pm

        Yes, literally a Nigerian fraud, or at least offering. I have cut and pasted below from their website. I don’t understand how EM coin could be what Mampilly is promoting and revealing on Sept. 5th though. The EM website says their initial coin offering was a few days ago. Paul Mampilly says what he is promoting has been around since the last economic downturn (in US). So, I don’t know why anyone would think it has anything to do with Em coin. Please explain.

        ICO For EmCoin starts soon on 28th August 2017. Time 12pm GMT+1
        The anticipate ICO for EmCoin will soon start so I want to cover up a bit about The project and our plans ahead.
        A bit explanation of this project.
        EmCoin is a crypto currency like any other crypto currency you know about.
        EmCoin runs on SHA256 Proof of Work Algorithm. But the security protocol is unique. As the codes that secure each transactions is different. The codes are shattered in fragments each time a wallet is downloaded and synchronizes with the network.
        This unique method makes EmCoin some what impossible to hack.
        The company behind EmCoin’s project is EmpireWorld. We are still new in the industry and hope you join us and grow together as we grow.
        Our plans.
        After EmCoin and UDS ICO we plan to put it out in major exchanges like bittrex and Livecoin and also own our very own indigenous crypto currency exchange where EmCoin and UDS Token will be traded.
        We place our target market in Africa but we are still open to all.
        To make everything much interesting investment opportunities to earn based on volatility of trades will be integrated. Making a safe and best investment platform. With good profits daily.
        Also merchant integration because of the transaction speed of EmCoin and unique security merchants will accept EmCoin for daily use. Payment of Goods and Services.
        Buying data bundles for internet and airtime in major African countries is still some what a problem. With UDS Token asset it will easier to purchase data and airtime. Using your UDS Token asset. Without having to have a working internet connection as a must.
        Our E- commerce to shop and buy goods with EmCoin and UDS Token will also be in plans. To make the use of EmCoin and UDS Token versatile.
        All we need is your support through the ICO to implement our plans. And make the value of EmCoin and UDS Token grow even stronger. We thank you for your support in advance.
        Posted on August 25, 2017
        All Rights Reserved EmpireWorld 2017

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    Rick Shaddock
    Sep 17 2017, 08:19:02 am

    On the web site Sept 15 they announce “EmCoin Hits Exchanges!” but mention none of them. No real name or backgrounds of founders. “Johnson Daniel” is a fake name. No “Samuel Okezie” has anything to do with crypto. Nigeria coins are often stupid scams.

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    Sep 17 2017, 08:52:22 am

    On their blog they mention “Emcoin Hits Exchanges!” on September 15, 2017. It’s about time, and should take a week, not weeks, after the ICO. But they don’t list a URL for any exchange. Red flag. At least we get a couple names: Johnson Daniel (which sounds fake and backwards) and Samuel Okezie (none of the 5 on LinkedIn have computer science experience, much less crypto). Ties to Nigeria are a red flag. My conclusion: pump & dump scam.

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