What’s New this Summer?

Doc Gumshoe checks in on CAR-T, HRT, Prostate Cancer and more...

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", August 17, 2017

[ed. note: Michael Jorrin, who I dubbed “Doc Gumshoe” years ago, is a longtime medical writer (not a doctor) who writes for us a couple times a month about health issues and trends.  He does not typically write about specific investment opportunities, but has agreed to our trading restrictions… as with all of our authors, he chooses his own topics and his words and opinions are his alone]

There’s nothing like a report about a prominent person coming down with a serious illness to prompt the media to zero in on news about potential treatments for that particular condition.   The current focus of attention is Senator John McCain’s diagnosis of glioblastoma.   As we all know, he went back to Arizona for surgical treatment for a blood clot above his left eye.   On July 19th, it was reported that the surgery showed that he had glioblastoma, a usually deadly form of cancer of the brain.   According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate for persons over the age of 55 with glioblastoma is about 4%, making it one of the most lethal forms of cancer.