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by genefields38 | September 28, 2017 5:06 pm

Has anyone had any experience with Jack Carter’s, ”Colorado Trading Experiment” also called his ”Trend Point” program?

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    Neil Butterfield
    Oct 21 2017, 04:06:56 pm

    I don’t even remember how or where I found it but I paid $7.00 for the Jack Carter 52 Wk. High 67 minute tutorial (I guess that’s his “Trend Point” program?) and it looks to be the best $7 I ever spent. That was about 2 weeks ago and I’m dollars ahead so far. It takes some work, selecting the right 52 Wk. high’s, applying his appropriate “filters” in making a purchase selection, setting trailing stops, and some other minor decisions. With Jacks outline I’m establishing my own system using Schwabs StreetSmart Edge platform and I’m confident (as Jack says you must be) that I can make this work. I think I need a month or so more to prove that it really works well.

    I would appreciate input from others and I’ll gladly pass on my experiences. I’m a recent convert to Schwab and to use Jack’s system I had to add their StreetSmart Edge platform, a very powerful program of which I’m probably only using about 2% of the program. Any help on that would also be appreciated.

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    Loretta Bailey
    Jan 7 2018, 11:49:46 am

    The offer for this trading software is $4970, which will identify a list of stocks which he claims will go up within 10 days. Is this a legitimate offer?

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      Feb 14 2018, 05:25:18 pm

      He is offering the software and life time support and free upgrades. You will also have to go thru his trading modules. A retunable deposit is need for an interview with him he says to get his approval to get his system. I haven’t seen any actual reviews and results from his system. You would need to be committed to learning the system and using his software.

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