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By mary555, September 14, 2017

Hi Gummies,
I’ve had such a lovely time reading the many teases Travis has de-coded for us that I decided to give it a try myself. I received the following tease from Paul Mampilly today, with an invite to join his True Momentum program. I’m pretty sure that the company he plans to reveal on Sept. 20th at 11 am is Nutanix (NTNX) which had an IPO last fall (opening around 40 and since fallen to the low 20s). It seems to meet the criteria in his ad and might even be a good investment. What do you think?
Has anyone invested in or done d/d on this company? Or maybe you have a better guess as to the ID of the mystery company. If so, please add it below.

Best wishes,

Here is the tease:

At this very moment, I’m rapidly putting the finishing touches on a brand-new alert for my True Momentum readers.

An alert for a trade I believe could rapidly result in a gain of 300% or more … and that’s being conservative.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that nothing in the market is guaranteed — but the potential here is the greatest I’ve seen in some time. You see, a major player is finally taking its seat at the table in the Internet of Things revolution.

At the head of the table, mind you.

What it’s about to do is unlock a revenue stream potentially valued at upward of $118 billion for itself.

This is a company with a market capitalization under $4 billion, and it stands to flat-out topple giants of industry…

And it’s doing it by exploiting its rich data resources and advanced Internet of Things tools … as well as a massive client base, constantly feeding data into its systems.

As a result, this tiny titan has created the perfect platform — capturing the attention of mega caps like Amazon, Google, GE and more.

It’s why Goldman Sachs dubbed it “a once in a decade” investment.

And why I’m rushing, right now, to share this alert with my current True Momentum members at 11 a.m. sharp next Wednesday.

Bear in mind, while I believe this may be the biggest recommendation I issue to my members in this research service this year … they’ve been making money hand over fist with our current model portfolio as is.

Garrett Peters writes: “I’m up well over $100,000. Thank you, Paul!”

Another reader, Kevin Hoyt, says, “You’ve helped my E-Trade account go from $88K … to $159K … in less than a year.”

And then there’s Michael Johnson, who earned a stunning $349,670 from just one recommendation in True Momentum within a few months of becoming a member.

At this moment, you can enjoy the chance at six-figure gains starting with this tiny titan of the Internet of Things Revolution beginning September 20 at 11 a.m.

On that day, I will be releasing this confidential alert with complete details on this soon-to-be home run.

Which is why I am reopening enrollment to True Momentum through the weekend … until midnight this Sunday.

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