written by reader Solving New Mampilly Teaser: “Could this topple Ford, Toyota, and Tesla?”

By mary555, September 30, 2017

Hi Gummies,
Are you knowledgeable about electric vehicles and their components?
I’m in the midst of a big project at work so I’m throwing this out to any of you who might want to have a go at solving Paul Mampilly’s latest tease. There aren’t too many specific clues. He says that it’s a ”tiny company” and that it ”builds the technology for the car companies” giving it many revenue streams because it’s working with ”dozens of automakers”. He adds, ”It’s cornering the market at this very moment locking down a contract with one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.” He says the stock is starting to take off and is ”set to soar”. If you are following this sector and have an educated guess please share it with the Gummunity.



Here’s the tease:
This Wednesday — at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time — I’m making a new recommendation in my Extreme Fortunes research service.

It’s a little-known company emerging in the electric car industry.

This industry has been booming and this company is set to skyrocket higher and faster than the even the leading competitors … and that’s saying a lot considering they’ve shot up as high as 1,897%.

And while nothing in the market is guaranteed, this new company could easily do the same, if not more.

Every $5,000 you invest today could come back as $94,850.

The reason is simple…

Leaders in this industry have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours over the last decade just trying to convince the world electric vehicles are the thing of the future.

They had to create the market.

But this tiny company doesn’t have to do that.

It can simply ride the electric car wave … and what a wave it is.

A Bloomberg report confirmed that electric car sales will balloon to 20 million in the next 10 years … a 2,000% surge.

Many experts think it could be higher as countries like Norway, France, India, and several others have committed to a “100% electric vehicle only” policy.

Major companies such as Unilever, Ikea, DHL and dozens of others have made the same commitment.

Mazda, Volvo, and other carmakers have vowed to make all their vehicles either completely or partially electric within as little as two years.

Trust me … the electric car industry will soar by 2,000%.

And the company I will be recommending to my Extreme Fortunes readers is on the forefront of it all

It’s business model is brilliant.

It builds the technology for the car companies allowing it to acquire more revenue streams than its competitors have ever imagined by having a hand in dozens of automakers.

It’s cornering the market at this very moment locking down a contract with one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

I’m currently working on a detailed report with every fact you need to jump on this investment with both hands.

But make no mistake… it’s starting to move.

Within the next few weeks, it will soar.

I don’t want you to miss out on this chance to make massive gains, which is why I’m reaching out to you now.

My team and I decided to open the doors to my Extreme Fortunes service once again … but in order to get the details on this pick, you must join by Tuesday at midnight.

Remember, my “Better Than Bitcoin” recommendation went up 41% in just 3 weeks …

I think this “New Tesla” could jump even higher.

To find out more about my Extreme Fortunes service …

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👍 11485
swing trader
October 3, 2017 11:54 am

It is Delphi, DLPH. a 48-volt battery that can be readily installed into current gas engine architecture to create a “mild-hybrid” vehicle.

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swing trader
October 3, 2017 12:16 pm

Lear Corp, LEA, is the other good chance. Smaller market cap of about $13Bcompared to DLPH of $26B. LEA has many products for the electrical system of vehicles. Both DLPH and LEA are nicely positioned for electrical vehicles.

October 4, 2017 11:17 am

It is Kandi Technologies Group, Inc
Check out the jump at 11am
up 20% in 15 minutes

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👍 125
October 4, 2017 3:21 pm
Reply to  mary555

Your welcome Mary555. I am a subscriber to Paul Mampilly’s less expensive service, Profits Unlimited. So… Banyan Hill Marketed to me with that teaser pitch that you posted. I did a little research based on his clues and narrowed is down to 17 stocks. At 11:00 I watched these stocks to see which one would make a run. I go lucky and saw it start and jumped on it immediately and am currently up 20%! Thank you Paul Mampilly. I will research the company tonight. I know a lot of people would jump out and take their proft, but I mostly believe in his picks and have done very well holding them for a while. I am sure it will dip as people take their profits, but I expect that I might stay in the stock.

By the way – saw your thread on the bitcoin teaser stock pick. That was a fun and profitable pick. Thanks!

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👍 125
👍 125
kit rens
kit rens
November 3, 2017 1:21 am
Reply to  mary555

Mampilly is BS. His portfolio is never a true reflection. The weeds are pulled out. They pump and dump. His news is not news that can’t be found elsewhere.

lol. his recent bs pump. Always starts with something like Next week I”m going to give you the NEXT BIG THING… this is the “pump”.

On Monday, I will be making a major recommendation to my True Momentum members.

The recommendation involves an opportunity I think could quite easily triple your money as this situation evolves … meaning every $5,000 invested could return as $20,000.

And I’m confident because, not too long ago…

I made over 20-times my money on this exact stock.

You see, this is a firm I was watching carefully for some time … and personally invested my money into.

It paid off.

And in short order, I made a 2,539% return in less than a year.

But, I saw the headwinds coming and got out.

Sure enough, government agencies and mishaps in the company set them back, causing me to sell before the stock plummeted.

Now, times have changed … all of those hurdles have been conquered…

And my data shows the stock is about to go on another tear to the top.

Not only do I expect it to hand early investors a quick windfall … but with the momentum it’s gathered, I expect this stock to soar higher in the months ahead … unleashing a gain upwards of 300% for those in before things start to truly heat up.

I’ll be issuing a buy alert with full details on this investment to my True Momentum readers Monday morning.

For company policy reasons, I can’t personally invest in this stock this time around while recommending it to my readers … but it’s an absolute screaming “buy.”

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Swing Trader
October 4, 2017 4:39 pm
Reply to  PettyFan

Can you share your list of 17 stocks? I like the idea of EV stocks.