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by whoskold | October 2, 2017 3:38 pm

Now teasing about a small company in the electric car market that is going to break out. Any clues?

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    swing trader
    Oct 3 2017, 11:50:45 am

    It is HIGHLY likely Delphi, DLPH. They make a 48-volt battery that can be readily installed into current gas engine architecture to create a “mild-hybrid” passenger or light commercial vehicle.
    Here is Paul Mampilly’s tease:
    The firm I want to talk to you about does not make cars.

    And yet it could soon dominate every major car maker on the planet… due to one simple fact.

    As we speak, countries across the globe are demanding car makers switch to electric vehicles.

    Tesla, Ford, and Toyota have been the driver for this… and made a handsome profit for themselves and their investors.

    But one tiny company has devised an alternative approach… Creating electric technology any automaker could simply add to their vehicles.

    They’ve already signed a contract with one “Big Ten” manufacturer and have their sights set on many more.

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    Here is Delphi’s 48-volt battery news:

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