All things Uranium: Company research and thesis refinement

By levbrans, November 17, 2017

Who is this for: Investors looking to make explosive profits with time horizons of multiple years
What is this for: Exchange of ideas for how to position a portfolio for the next bullish cycle in uranium
Why? After 30 hours of preliminary research, I have a strong feeling that we are on the cusp of the next Uranium bull market and would like to share some of the research and sources I have found as well as gather information from the collective knowledge of stock gumshoe members about how others are positioning their portfolios and companies which look especially appealing.

Here is what got this whole journey started:
I HIGHLY recommend anybody considering uranium to watch the above 22 min video by Michael Alkin. Michael has spent nearly the last 20 years in the hedge fund industry. He has worked for a few multi-billion dollar hedge funds. During his career, he has been an analyst, portfolio manager and partner. He has been a dedicated short-seller, managed both a long and short portfolio and at times have been responsible for several hundred million dollars of capital.

Here is another good video about the strategy I am trying to employ with the uranium sector:
This is the one proven way to make money in the natural resource sectors, these industry’s are cyclecar. As Warren Buffet says, your job is to pick the what. What will go up. Getting the timing exactly is extremely hard. I don’t know if the bull market has just started: spot prices are up over 20% as we speak or if it will take another couple years. All I know is that the bull market has not happened in the last 7 years and the fundamentals of the story are only improving

I recommend following John Quakes on twitter @Quakes99 for more uranium information as well. He shares a lot of good articles and resources and is very generous with his insight. I have had multiple conversations with him.

and last but certainly note least here is a uranium report: by Swiss resource capitol. GREAT COMPANY SUMMARIES AND EASY WAY TO START THE DD process.
my current portfolio: $UEC, $UUUU, $FCU, $SHY. Uranium currently makes of 8.2% of my overall portfolio. I am looking to increase this weight to 13.4% as I gain more confidence in the company landscape. There are only about 40 companies in this space and an estimated 10 quality names, excited to hear others insights and I have some more resources to share if this microblog becomes active.

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Would love to know your take on anfield resources.High risk/reward play?


This will be interesting thread Levbrans, great timing. Speaking of timing, congrats to HN on his UEC purchase earlier this week!
I’ve been waiting for this thread as all these EVehicles have to get electricity from somewhere… just makes sense.


$FCU $URE $DML Long In the red and holding

Hi Levbrans, Thanks for starting this thread. Uranium is sort of an afterthought on the Hard Asset thread, but when it starts to move up I think it will be an important topic. For my own purposes I have reduced my uranium holdings to a few very leveraged small caps that I think will get my attention when the price starts to move. Then I want to have a list of the best prospects that are good targets for additional capital. I may miss a little of the first move this way, but the trade-off is that I do not… Read more »
$GVXXF…Goviex…Goviex is one U stock I may pull the trigger on before a clear move in U308 prices. This is a nano-cap speculation with properties in West Africa. It is the rawest kind of discovery speculation; the reasons I may go in early: The principal of Goview is Govind Friedland, the son of Robert Friedland. Besides whatever Govind has learned by Daddy’s upbringing, thinking, and education, this means that Goviex will have access to the technology, capital, and know-how of Robert Friedland, HPX, and Cleanteq. This is pretty awesome support. It means that most of the risks other than discovery… Read more »
Michael Kennedy
$Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ) (TSX:CCO); $Kees Dekker. Kees Dekker, the mining engineer whom I mentioned in a couple of posts on Hendrix’s thread (GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, AND HARD ASSETS…FALL 2017) has recently produced and circulated to his followers a report on Cameco which comprises a detailed study of the uranium market followed by a review of Cameco’s prospects. The report runs to some 35 pages. As I’ve mentioned in the past Kees is always happy to have additional followers to read his reports and, if you’d like copies of the Cameco and future reports (gratis), email him on I’m buying… Read more »

I have owned DNN for years.


By July 2019, the bitcoin network will require more electricity than the entire United States currently uses #GeauxNuclear!

Hi U followers, I am thinking about expanding my position in the uranium space and will be doing some DD on a few tickers. I have positions in UEC, a developer, and KVLQF, a long-shot exploration play. I am favorably inclined towards CCJ but only when a move is clearly underway, I had my brains beaten in a couple times on it. I posted on Goviex but am not persuaded, their expected costs make them viable only at very high U308 prices. May I ask the followers here, what are your top picks, and why ? I would prefer to… Read more »