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By johncga, November 10, 2017

First of all, I’m a brand new member of the Irregulars, having just joined a half hour ago. I’ve been poking around the free membership section for several years just to get a feel for Stock Gumshoe. What prompted the switch to joining the Irregulars was a brand new service being promoted by Motley Food Canada called Crypto Blueprint (retailing for $999 Cdn per year). The service basically covers opportunities in the alternative currency world, but what I didn’t realize until reading their teaser pitch this morning is that there is a lot more to the story–most notably the blockchain ”revolution”. I know nothing about that and have shied away from any consideration of alternative currencies since I don’t believe in them.
What Motley Fool Canada is going to be releasing this coming Tuesday are (and I quote):
3 Stocks that can become Blockchain leaders. These are companies with significant competitive advantages that have begun integrating blockchain into their businesses. We believe they’ll see significant upside in the coming years.
3 Stocks that are ”Picks and Shovels” plays for the coming blockchain revolution, including one stock that could become the ”Intel” of the blockchain age as well as e-commerce and payments plays riding the birth of new digital currencies.
3 Blockchain Expert stocks. Thousands of companies will soon be scrambling to figure out how to integrate blockchain into their businesses — and we’ve uncovered the three leading ”expert” companies they’ll run to with wallets wide open.
There you have it. I’ve no idea if this blockchain business is the next dot.com bubble or whether there’s something to it. I may have been missing the bigger picture by focussing on the currency aspect rather than what Motley Fool is intimating may be the next internet revolution. I may not have dug deep enough, but can’t seem to find an in-depth analysis of blockchain by Travis.

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November 20, 2017 1:15 pm

Blockchain technology is able to and will replace the current “internet” as we know it. No one owns the “blockchain” and its like being in the 1st inning of the game. Every business who has a website and internet presence will opt for a blockchain alternative as their interent presence because it is 100% secure (unlike todays .com world). So, for example Equifax will never need to apologize for a security breach again. Or a company will never need to worry if their data will ever be stolen again, Because once they remove the data off their servers and put in on a blockchain it will be 100% secure.

So that’s what blockchain is capable off. It will be the next evolution in everything. But who will profit from this? And How can you find the investment opportunities to invest in this? That is the question. Its like saying which companies you should have invested in to make a fortune with the .com invention. Again, here that means not which companies used .com to make sales and sell products. But which companies provided the ability for everyone to use .com. IE Microsoft, Cisco, Intel etc.. That’s what you need to figure for this next blockchain revolution.

Having said that, I have never used “Motley Fool” and would not mind hearing opinions on them. Anyone with accurate info on “Motley Fool” advisors and the performance of that organization would be welcome here.

Please add your take on “Motley Fool” if you have one from actual past involvement. Because they are as mentioned offering this “Crpto Blueprint” now for $1,299 CDN. So anyone who can add to this please do so.

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Robert Angus
Robert Angus
December 17, 2017 7:06 pm

I decided to risk the $999 and joined. I then actually put up about $14K to buy about $2000 of each of the seven recommendations. At this point, I am down about $500. I will report periodically.