written by reader Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidentail

By wizard1786, November 5, 2017

Does anyone have experience with this cryptocurrency so called guru Teeka Tiwari and his Palm Beach Confidential.
Seems a lot of experts are pushing him. The usual suspects Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud , Doug Casey, Bill Bonner.
Seems like pump and dump like the 90,s with penny stocks now with cryto currency.
Any thoughts appreciated.

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November 5, 2017 4:19 pm

If you watch BTC the numbers are there. Vertiginous ascent. I like an idiot didn’t get in back in March, but I did get some on the one available method on the stock market and it’s up 300%. That’s real but I guess until i sell it, it ain’t real. But blockchain technology as long as an internet and electricity exists can revolutionize so many areas of our lives. I’m trying to get in and would love to know the coin that TT was pushing n his recent webinar. $3000 to find out.

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November 6, 2017 11:46 am

Must be right-priced and in great demand….Funnily, he has just begun to offer an installment plan!

November 6, 2017 11:48 am

Jbecket, he did mention something about ripple

November 7, 2017 4:06 am

Yes, he did mention ripple too and I think it does have potential. I would to know which cryptocurrency he was teasing us with though. Can the thinkolator grace us with his vision?

November 7, 2017 6:43 am

Hi jbecket,

Yes, I currently subscribe. I don’t know what he is charging now but I suspect it is a lot more than I am paying as I have been with him for over a year.

I can tell you a few of my experiences, and let you go from there.

1. Observation. This is not a pump and dump as his followers don’t make any difference on the larger coins purchases. He would not gain at all. It is possible that he could pump and dump on the smaller coins. But when I watch his regular video updates I do not get the gut feeling that he is out to scam me.
2. Successes. I know you will probably not believe me, but I have 35x my purchase of Ethereum. I bought in on Sept 3rd, 2016 before it garnered the publicity of a multi-corporation endorsement. I took out most of it (back to cash) so that at that point I truly, truly, had nothing to lose. I am currently sitting on a 21x gain on NEO. It has been drifting down the past couple of months while China digests their regulations within their boundaries. NEO is poised to be THE China bl0ckchain platform as they worked with the Chinese gov’t to make sure that they would remain compliant with any regulation. When China opens back up, look out!! Bitcoin I am 15x. Ethereum is back up to 2x. Etc.
3. Education. I have learned an immense amount from subscribing. It is partly because I am now reading things and when they begin to make sense then I read more. A self-reinforcing learning process. I have a small circle of friends who have begun to join the fray, and they have all been expecting the same returns I have made, and they want them NOW! I always bring them back to the long term picture of what the blockchain concept could mean for their coin purchases. Their will be massive successes. Their will be losers. Tika makes the point that the crypto world feels like the internet in the early 90s. Everything was clumsy. But little did we know where it was going to go. Remember dial up? Remember being kicked off when someone called the house? Cryptoasset trading is clumsy like that. But it is not rocket science (the mechanics of trading, I mean).
4. Branching out. I have recently joined a mining pool, that actually mines Bitcoin and receives coins for it successes. This is different approach to the crypto field. It is more of the nuts and bolts part. If you want so read more on this mining pool, here is my landing page.


One catch to this mining pool. To review this mining pool, you have to use a VPN with a visible location outside of the US. I do not know for certain why, but I use Singapore and everything is fine. There is no official US statement that makes this unlawful. I think it is more of the mining pool not wanting to deal with the US at any level in regards to our emerging crypto laws.

If you are anyone is interested in corresponding with me directly, my email is:
sbroomtrader@gmail.com My name is Steve.

I am a believer of this opportunity. Institutional money will be coming in very soon, and that will take our cryptoasset world much, much, much higher. Or so I believe.

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