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by StockMidas | December 1, 2017 11:22 am

I have come to realize more so everyday – disregard mainstream analysts, Wall Street recommendations, and even MorningStar ratings, due to the inherent conflict of interest between the firms and their particular clientèle. Here is the point:
YOU, are NOT Wall Street’s client.
YOU are the CONSUMER of the products sold FOR Wall Street’s clients.
Major brokerage firms are big business – REALLY big business. As in $1.5 Trillion a year in revenue big. They are incentivized, paid, probably bribed at times to punt stocks against their better judgement of the author at the expense of the poor sod reading their perceived guru-ish predictions. I will refrain from naming some of them, but Ni.. Ho… being right up there …
Fortunately Stock Gumshoe puts paid to some of these outrageous unethical publications …..

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