written by reader Extreme fortune email this morning. Does anyone know this stock?

By jake36, January 7, 2018

Hey Travis,
I received this in an email this morning and was wondering if you know the stock.

Now, a promise like this would be preposterous coming from anyone else … however, when a person with Paul’s credentials comes forward, one is practically required to pay attention.
After all, Paul’s $6 billion hedge fund was named as one of the world’s best by Barron’s, and Paul did win the prestigious Investment Competition Award for making a 76% return during the 2008 crisis. This led him to be featured on media outlets like Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business.
Well, in one year, I was able to make a 76% return. Not too bad, considering I did this during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis, and I did it without shorting stocks or making risky bets.
So, as you can see, a promise of helping you make $100,000 isn’t preposterous for Paul — it could even be seen as conservative.
Especially when you consider that, according to our historical analysis, Paul’s strategy could have led you to investments like Alaska Air Group, which shot up 1,800%, turning every $10,000 into over $190,000.

Ulta Salon, which would have grown your money 1,200%, snowballing every $10,000 into $125,000.

And Priceline, which rallied 3,370%, growing every $10,000 into $337,000.

If you would have put a mere $10,000 in each of these investments, you would now have over $570,000.
We’re talking about repeatedly detectable opportunities to make 1,000% gains … 10 times your money. But as you can see … there are also multiple chances to make 20 times and even 30 times your money… even as much as 125 times your money.
Now, as you know, these gains are extraordinary. The market is a fickle place, and, like with any investment, there are risks. Paul will be talking about how he’s going to take those risks head-on to increase your returns.
Besides, as you can also see, even achieving a fraction of these massive gains would be enough to make you wealthy.
So on that note, Paul, it’s a pleasure to have you here.
Paul: It’s great to be here, JL. Thanks for putting on the Extreme Fortunes Summit.
JL: Paul, it sounds like your strategy is the metaphorical golden key here — a way to unlock all those mega wins most folks only dream about.
We’ve all heard of all these “if only” situations.
But you’re saying they don’t have to be “if only” … that they can become our viewers’ reality starting this very week … how is that possible?
Paul: Investors have been told that trying to double their money is foolish … that quintupling it is impossible … and making 10 times their money is flat out unachievable.
So, Wall Street has sold Main Street on the idea that a “buy and hold” strategy is the only way to make money in the markets.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
The truth is, there are numerous solid investments right now primed and ready to spin-off huge windfalls that could put millions in your pocket. In fact, my research has shown that every year, on average, 43 stocks rally 1,000% or higher!
JL: So there are 43 opportunities to turn every $1,000 one has into $10,000 or every $10,000 one has into $100,000. That’s incredible. That’s three to four opportunities to grow your money 1,000% every month.
Paul: It’s like a secret bull market reserved for the Wall Street insiders. Well, today, you and I are breaking down those walls, and I’m inviting everyone watching to join.
JL: Well, I like the sound of that. So, your strategy helps you zero in on these 43 stocks that go up 1,000% or more every year … helping you get in on the ground floor with companies like the ones I just mentioned … Alaska Air Group, Ulta Salon and Priceline — which are up 1,800%, 1,300% and 3,300%, respectively.
Paul: Exactly. And JL, as you mentioned earlier, I’m so confident in this strategy that I fully believe anyone who adheres to it will have the chance to start with a stake of $10,000 and … find themselves sitting on over $100,000 in pure profits within the next year.
JL: This is remarkable, Paul. Before we dive into the details, I want to show our viewers a quick example of how your strategy helped you go against the grain.
I found this specific investment intriguing.

In late 2015, gold was heading down … it was sitting at about $1,000 an ounce.
And the experts were bashing the precious metals market.
Bloomberg equated investing in gold to a “foolish” move.
The Wall Street Journal called gold a “pet rock.”
And Mark Hulbert wrote in USA Today, “There’s no reason to expect gold to do well.”
Despite this resounding antagonism toward gold … you made a big investment.
Paul: I did.
You see, the masses were looking at gold the wrong way. But my strategy signaled a buying opportunity in precious metals.
JL: You personally took a position in a gold fund and in one small company, Coeur Mining.
Over the next few months, your gold fund position rose 106% and your Coeur Mining position gained 738%.

It’s one of the reasons you were able to rack up over 1,000% gains in the last year … we even have a copy of your trade results here.

Paul: You can see why I feel so comfortable guaranteeing that each person watching this video will have the chance to make $100,000 in the next 12 months.
JL: And I believe with your help, they can do it. Especially when I look at your personal track record.
For the sake of time, I’m going to run through a list of stocks that have handed you massive personal gains. These gains are going to blow your mind.
Paul made…

A 355% gain on Exact Sciences
A 327% gain on Olympus Corp.
A 634% gain on Netflix
A 266% gain on Grifols
A 293% gain on Universal Display
A 279% gain on Facebook
A 268% gain on Cemex
A 696% gain on Ariad Pharmaceuticals
A 2,539% gain on Sarepta Therapeutics
Okay, I’ll stop there.
Paul, the list of trades like these goes on and on. And you made many of these gains within a matter of just a few months.
Paul: And these profits are great. But the opportunity in front of us is going to be bigger. Much, much bigger.
JL: Now, in just a second, we are going to talk about that opportunity, but first, I want to quickly show our viewers what people are saying about your research and recommendations.
Listen closely to what they have told us in their own words, because this could be you in just a month or even a week from now.

Now, these are good. But they keep getting better.
Then there’s Mitchell Kendrick, who says he made $109,115 off one company Paul recommended.
Another gentleman was so thrilled with his results, he emailed this snapshot of his brokerage account…
He made over $77,000 on one position … a gain of 799%.
Another position brought in about $32,000.

That’s over $100,000, simply by following your lead, Paul.
Here’s a screenshot from a gentleman who made $272,000 in just one stock following your advice.

One last example.
A retired man named John wrote in to tell us how you helped him and his wife add over $700,000 to their nest egg…
Here’s what he wrote to Paul: “Somehow, you, your personality and your one-of-a-kind investment model convinced me to give up my fear and go ‘all in’ … On January 20, our account was worth $947,462. As I write this today, our account is valued at $1,654,508.”
That’s a gain of $707,000 gain in less than a year.
Paul: I love nothing more than to hear my readers’ success stories. I get letters like this every day. I spent decades making millions for the überwealthy… but it was never as satisfying as what I do now … helping hardworking Americans fast-track their wealth using the same tools the wealthy use to make their fortunes.
JL: Judging by what you’ve told me… you have truly had an investing breakthrough — a consistently effective strategy for targeting investments that go up 1,000% or more.
Paul: I’ve been working toward this my entire career. As far as I’m concerned, every investment before today was just a stepping stone toward this moment.
In fact, I’ve just completed a report on a major investment in the medical field that I want to share with everyone. I’ve screened it, studied it and based on my findings, this one investment could easily rally up 3,500% or higher.
JL: 3,500%. Incredible. I can’t wait to hear more about this opportunity.
But first, Paul … let’s walk through your strategy … how you find these home-run stocks.
Paul: The first thing you should know, as I mentioned earlier, is that there are an average of 43opportunities to make gains of 1,000% or more … every year. That’s three to four times a month. I’ll share a few samples on the screen here…

Now, many of these stocks, as you can see, are genuine penny stocks. Illiquid, volatile and flat-out gambles for even the most skilled investors
We don’t want those stocks.
We want to make as much money as possible with as little risk as possible.
Which is why I combed through 13,000 hours of real-time market data in search for a common detectable DNA in the stocks that are rock solid and primed to jump 1,000%.
And JL, I found it.
I found the golden thread … the DNA.
I have a strategy for pinpointing stocks on the verge of soaring 1,000% or more. You can see them on the screen here.
Now, I want to be clear: There is no such thing as a crystal ball in the stock market. It’s inherently unpredictable, and investing in it will always carry risk. And since we will be swinging for the fences with this strategy, there’ll be times when I miss — but when I hit those home runs, they will be more than enough to make you wealthy.
JL: That makes sense. But these are all pure stock trades, correct? We’re not talking about using leverage of any sort.
Paul: No leverage. No options trading. No margin requirements. These are all easy-to-trade U.S. stocks. If you have a regular brokerage account, you can execute these trades today.
JL: A few of these historical examples really stand out. I pulled up a few of my own.
Clearfield Inc., for example, made an approximately 1,500% gain.

Northern Star Resources has grown 3,900%.

And Accesso Technology Group spun off a massive 6,290% gain.

Any one of these could be a fortune maker.
Just a sliver of one’s account in